Principal Report

Principal Report

Congratulations to all the Williamstown High School community, students, families and staff for your positive attitude and efforts this term. Term 2 has been quite busy with both a range of activities and end of semester assessments taking place. It has been nice to see the return of Breakfast Club, large scale music camps and concerts, Immersion presentations (with families present), Morrisby career assessments and end of term in-person campus celebration assemblies amongst others. Please enjoy reflections on these throughout this edition of the W-Files. I would also like to encourage all families to discuss and reflect on the student reports acknowledging achievements as well as discussing and supporting goal setting for improvements.

Attitudes to School Survey

As previously mentioned, our students have recently completed the Attitudes to School Survey. We recently received the reports summarising these responses and the leadership team will now look at what our students have told us in terms of their perceptions and how they are feeling about their wellbeing and learning. The leadership team not only looks at identifying focus areas for improvement but also reflecting on highlights to ensure these practices are embedded and continue.

It was quite pleasing to see the students reporting they felt quite safe at school. However, they reported they are not always clear on how the school responds to bullying concerns. This is excellent feedback for the leadership team, which will look at ways to make the school response more visible (posters, homegroup activities, year-level discussions, etc.) while still maintaining privacy. An example of some other areas the survey obtains student feedback on are: stimulating learning, attitude to attendance, sense of confidence, belonging and connectedness, motivation and self-regulation. Similar surveys are conducted for parents/carers and staff and these are all analysed yearly with actions put in place to continually improve our complex but positive school environment.

Building Update

As you are aware, the Victorian Government investment of $1.37m together with the school’s locally raised investment of $2.1m has been allocated to upgrade Williamstown High School, including upgrading the Year 12 study centre and completing the school’s theatre complex (total project cost of $3.47m).

The project was forecast for completion in May 2022. However, due to suspected issues with the construction, works were paused to allow an independent structural engineer to investigate.

In March 2022, the independent structural engineer reported to the Victorian School Building Authority (VSBA) that our new buildings were not constructed in accordance with the contract, nor with legislative and regulatory requirements. The VSBA then removed the builder from the project, took control of the construction site, and launched a detailed investigation to determine the best path forward for our school. That detailed investigation is now complete.

The VSBA will now be commencing works to remediate the identified issues, resume construction of the new buildings, and complete our planned upgrade. A builder has been appointed for early works, with the project to be completed around the end of the year. We will work closely with the VSBA to ensure the timely delivery of this project under the circumstances.

If you have any questions about the works, you can phone the VSBA on 1800 896 950, email or visit

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the school community for your patience and support as we have worked through this issue. I sincerely appreciate it and am now excited we will be finalising this project by the end of the year ready for students in 2023 and beyond.

2021 Award Winners

Due to the (COVID-related) delay in students receiving their Year 12 results at the end of last year we were unable to acknowledge award winners at our graduation evening. During last year’s event at the Williamstown Town Hall, all Year 12 students were celebrated for their achievements and were sent off with some key messages and best wishes. On the night we committed to welcoming back all subject award winners (when COVID rules allowed), as well as the 90+ATAR medal winners, to formally acknowledge their achievements with the presentation of certificates, medals and plaques. We also took the opportunity to present our dux, Julian McIntyre, a plaque for his state-wide equal highest possible ATAR of 99.95. Former families and students who were able to attend, over 80 in total, were very appreciative of the event and pleased we fulfilled our commitment.

2021 VCE award presentation

“Thanks so much for organising a night to celebrate the academic achievements of the 2021 Year 12s. We are so proud of them for striving for such excellence in challenging circumstances”. Photo and comment from 2021 Year 12 parent

I wish you all a relaxing, enjoyable and safe holiday break, and look forward to seeing all our students and staff eager and refreshed when we all return to school for the start of Term 3.


Bayview Campus Principal Report

Bayview Campus Principal Report

Dear parents and carers

As the semester draws to a close, I take this opportunity to thank you for your support during the first half of this year particularly in regards to our students re-engaging with ‘face to face’ teaching and learning and also in regards to managing illness. We understand that many students have been unable to attend daily due to illness and our teachers and staff are taking this into account when concluding the work for the semester.

Our learning environment

We are continuing to work on maintaining and improving learning environments for our students. We have recently seen partitions for increased privacy in student changerooms in the gymnasium, ‘all gender’ signs added to student toilets, an additional storage area added alongside our gymnasium and a retractable awning alongside the entrance to the canteen-this has seen much use when raining at breaks when students are lining up! We are looking to learn more about how the Traditional Owners of our site, the Bunurong people, used this site and the surrounding shoreline.

A number of visitors to our site outside of school hours have contacted us about the litter they have found, particularly in Jawbone Reserve. Please speak with your child about respecting our environment and encouraging them to be a responsible member of our school community by making an appropriate choice for their ‘litter’ bins in classrooms, ‘General Waste, Recycling (glass, cans plastic) and Paper and Cardboard’ in the Atrium and B Wing, ‘Bottles, Cans, Recyclable Containers’ or ‘Rubbish’ in our metal yellow and red lidded enclosures alongside our buildings, or simply the bins with wheels in the outer grounds. We will continue to address this issue as a school and as part of the local community.

Student Achievement

We’d like to acknowledge and congratulate Maddison Camillo (9B), who was recently selected in the Australian team to compete in the Taekwondo World Junior Championship in Sofia, Bulgaria, in August this year. We look forward to supporting Maddison’s preparation and learning about how she found this experience and competition when she returns.

Staff farewells and welcomes

We are farewelling Juliette Coyne, our mental health practitioner, at the end of this term and we are due to welcome Christina Frei at the start of Term 3. Juliette has been appointed as Mental Health Co-ordinator Western Melbourne Area at the Department of Education and we will continue to work with Juliette in her new role and thank her for her work with our students.

We ‘farewelled’ Library Manager Alice Reid recently - Alice is on leave until the end of Term 4. We have appointed Julia Genis to replace Alice and we welcome Julia to our school.

We are ‘farewelling’ teachers Garret Drago, Manny Agustin and Michelle Jepsen who are due to take leave in Term 3, the first four weeks, the last nine weeks and the entire term respectively. Science teacher Genevieve Percovich will teach Garret’s classes. We will shortly confirm the teachers replacing Manny and would like to welcome Amanda Casey, who will teach Food Technology and Textiles for Michelle. Ann Hyland, our student welfare coordinator, is now due to return partway into Term 3 and Alex Robinson will continue in the role until this time.

Semester Two

Please note Semester Two student timetables will be available on Compass prior to the end of term so that students can be prepared for the first day back.

All the best to students and families for the break.

Pasco Campus Principal Report

Pasco Campus Principal Report

As we head towards the Term 2 break, I want to again take this opportunity to thank all members of our school community.

Recently we had students and their families of our graduating class of 2021 return to receive academic awards. Normally this would take place at our end of year graduation but due to results being released after this event, we hosted this catch-up event on Tuesday, 14 June. It was a fantastic opportunity to acknowledge the individual successes of our students and thank them for their commitment to learning throughout the challenging year that was 2021.

2021 VCE presentation night

Our VCE and Year 10 students have recently completed their end of semester exams. In terms of the learning journey for our students, these exams are a vital experience as they will use revision techniques and strategies that they will develop over time in preparation for the Unit 3 and 4 VCAA exams. I want to congratulate our students on their efforts throughout this period.

End of semester reports will be available via Compass on Friday, 24 June. This is a really important opportunity for our students and families to reflect on their learning journey throughout this semester and set learning goals for the upcoming term.

I want to encourage all our students and staff to take a break from learning in and around those holiday homework tasks and focus on their social and emotional wellbeing. It is so important that students re-engage with those activities and interests that support happiness. I always encourage students to keep being the best version of themselves and being active, staying connected with people and focusing on their wellbeing are all important messages at this time.

Strategic Principal Report

Strategic Principal Report

NAIDOC Week Celebrations 2022

WHS will proudly celebrate NAIDOC week in early Term 4 due to the official dates this year being during the school holidays. There will be a range of activities available for students to participate in during homegroup sessions and lunchtime throughout this week. The 2022 theme is ‘Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!’, a call to action for all Australians to support reforms that narrow the gap between aspiration and reality, good intent and outcome. WHS will look forward to learning more about First Nations cultures and histories and participate in celebrations of the oldest continuous living cultures on earth.

Girls in STEM GHD Engineering Pathways Program

Year 10 students who identify as female have a wonderful opportunity to participate in the GHD Engineering Girls in STEM Pathways program. Five places are available for students to participate in a week-long work placement under the guidance of an engineer and mentor. Each student will participate in a mock project that culminates in them making a presentation to the CEO and board members of the company. The program aims to narrow the gender gap in STEM careers by providing an authentic experience of what it is like to work for a multinational engineering company.

WHS New Staff to the School Induction Program

New staff to the school have had the opportunity to participate in the six-month-long induction program. New staff met with school leaders and experienced teachers to support their transition into the school and develop high quality practices that support student learning. Our teachers in their first year of teaching will now undertake the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) Inquiry Process to move from provisional to full registration with the VIT. Ongoing support is provided to them throughout the inquiry as they undertake this significant step in their career journeys.

School Council Report

School Council Report

While we are slowly returning to normal, COVID still looms in the background and continues to cause disruption with both staff and student absences. With the additional impact from a strong and early flu season, this term has not been without its challenges. To that point I would like to acknowledge the effort of the school leadership and teachers in maintaining as close as possible a “business as usual” level of operations during this challenging period.

This week we pass the shortest day of the year. While the days will start to gradually lengthen, we still have some gloomy mornings and evenings ahead and, so far, this winter has shown promise to be a long and cold one. With that in mind, it is important to pay attention to how our children travel to and from school and after school activities.

Riding can be a fun and sustainable way to travel; cycling is an active form of transport that has great benefits for both physical fitness and mental health. While it is a joy to see so many WHS students ride to school, cycling this time of year does present additional hazards. While not trying to discourage riding to school, awareness of the potential hazards and how to mitigate them is worth discussing.

Statistics show that the riskiest time to cycle for secondary school students is between 3pm and 7pm, during the evening commuter rush. Add potentially slippery roads and low visibility, and the hazard to riders during this time of year is increased.

The best way to avoid a collision with a car is to be seen. While we should be proud of our school colours, I don’t believe anyone can claim they are the brightest of colour combinations. To enhance your child’s visibility, please consider front and rear lights. Getting a teenager to wear hi-vis might be near impossible, so fitting lights and turning them on is the best way to enhance visibility, even in the pre-sunset period. There are also lights that are easy to attach to backpacks or helmets - these are worth considering also.

During this time of year roads are more slippery, so attention needs to be given to speeds and stopping distances. Consideration should also be given to route selection: some intersections and roads are more hazardous than others. By avoidance or increased care these hazards can be reduced. Helmets will only work if they are fitted and worn properly. They won't help attached to a backpack, handlebars or left at home.

I do not want to discourage cycling to school as an option, but it is important to be aware of the heightened risk during the ride home and perhaps discuss with your children ways to enhance their safety.

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Report - Bayview Campus

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Report - Bayview Campus

The second half of Term 2 has seen the school run a number of engagement activities aimed at further developing student and school connectedness.

  • Outside of the curriculum, Year 7 students have been participating in a series of fun, general knowledge Kahoot quizzes over the past four weeks. This platform of ‘learning through games’ has also allowed students to build an understanding of indigenous rights and culture through two specially designed quizzes, in order to acknowledge Reconciliation Week. This was met with great feedback.

  • The Year 8s have settled back into the classroom after a fun Roses Gap camp experience.

  • The Year 9s have completed a Respect for Diversity workshop and have completed their first ever set of exams. Well done to everybody for giving it their best.

The Bayview campus has also had the pleasure of the Year 11 VCAL students coming down to run morning breakfasts of pancakes, croissants and bacon and egg rolls – all of which the students (and staff) happily tucked into to warm their bellies.

Students from the Robotics class put on an exhibition of robot soccer in the final week of term. It was an entertaining display and a great showcase of the students’ talents and hard work in their subject.

The ‘Staff vs Student’ lunchtime sports have concluded for the Year 8 and 9 students, with Volleyball rounding out our sports. These games have been a great spectacle and have provided both students and staff with a sense of enjoyment and fun, as well as strengthening important staff-student relationships.

I look forward to many more opportunities for students to connect with their social, emotional and academic growth across the year.

Teacher vs student games
Teacher vs student games

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Report - Pasco Campus

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Pasco Campus

It’s hard to believe that Semester 1 has already come to an end. It has been a very lively time with students finally on site full time and enjoying incursions, excursions, camps, clubs, extra-curricular activities and, most recently, the recommencement of Breakfast Club overseen by student volunteers. This experience is reflected in the words of one of our school captains, Matt Cameron:

“In 2022, as a school we enter our first full year without any lockdowns or extended holidays since 2019. This marks every student at the Pasco campus experiencing their first entire school year with entirely onsite-based learning at Pasco. The post-lockdown era brings a myriad of changes that many of our students have been looking forward to, whilst simultaneously having to say goodbye to many of our creature comforts that we found during our several lockdown periods in 2020 and 2021. While I and many other students (especially the Year 12s who can stay on site for our final and most important year of school) have found great enjoyment in being reunited with our peers face to face, having the opportunity to have teachers give us more direct guidance with our learning and having the certainty of not missing out on excursions and incursions due to lockdown restrictions. Yet getting up as period 1 started in my dressing gown is something that I will miss.

“Doing work with our peers in the school setting is something that this year I learned the true value of given the past two years. Especially in subjects where it is vital for a final product, such as working to put on ‘Sinner’s Inn’ for our Unit 3 Drama Production. There’s no doubt that if we weren’t on site the final script of the show would have been vastly different due to a combined lack of motivation and limitations surrounding the amount of creative intimacy that in-person collaborative improvisation and idea creation provides. Additionally completing non-group work alongside other students is made far easier and more enjoyable as we can help each other to enrich both our own and each other's understanding of the content we are learning. Whereas explaining a topic or answer to another student over text or voice call is much harder and less engaging without the physical element.

“Having direct access to help from our teachers this year has been imperative in aiding my learning. Lockdown classes were challenging, shorter and lacked a sense of responsibility that on-site learning carries. Having teachers in the classroom around us ensures that we as students can have the help we need immediately. The in-classroom element, in my opinion, helps teachers to better understand our progress in an area of study and give us direct feedback on hardcopy work that better prepares us for the exams coming up in October rather than typing out all of the work.

“I’d say spending recess with other students is one of the greatest highlights of my everyday life at Pasco. Being able to de-stress and socialise between classes rather than just going for a walk or spending further time on devices has been really beneficial to my state of mind as opposed to what it was during lockdowns. But parents - if you are reading this and really want to know what life is like for a Pasco student - I encourage you to have conversations with your children about their classes, their friends and their teachers. Not just asking them how much homework they have to do.”

We wish all our students and families a restful and safe school holiday break.

Students assisting with breakfast club

Year 7 Student Management Report

Year 7 Student Management Report

It has been quite refreshing to complete Term 2 without any interruptions and lockdowns, and it has shown in our Year 7 cohort. Their overall behaviour and enthusiasm for secondary school life has been wonderful to see.

It has been a very busy term for our Year 7s with them participating in an incursion in early May, centred around Being Safe Online and making the transition to high school. The students completed workshops on Organisation, Personal Strengths and Classroom Practices.

As part of the day, the students got to meet representatives from Hobsons Bay Youth Services and discuss what community services and facilities are available for them to access. Whether it be around counselling, community groups or creative opportunities (like the new tech hub on Nelson Place, which has a green screen for filmmaking), the Hobsons Bay Youth Services are a great resource for our students.

Students also enjoyed IDAHOBIT (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia) and really got involved in the activities that promote awareness of the issue. They also enjoyed eating the delicious rainbow donuts provided by our principal team. Many of our Year 7s were involved in the activities offered by the Bayview Student Leadership team.

Students have now had the experience of completing a large range of learning tasks. It is important that they keep up to date with all of their work next semester so they are not under pressure by the end of the year. Lots of Year 7 students have been very successful in sports this semester, with teams and individuals playing or about to play in regionals finals. Well done to all involved. This week we are running our end-of-term assembly, where we recognise the achievements and community spirit of our Year 7 students.

Year 8 Student Management Report

Year 8 Student Management Report

Year 8 camp took place this term, for which we stayed three nights at Roses Gap in the Grampians. Thankfully the weather was kind to us and we didn’t get rained on too much. Activities included, but were not limited to: hiking, rock climbing, abseiling, archery and a giant swing.

The large hike we went on, up to a waterfall, was for me a great example of what made camp such a fun experience. Initially students were somewhat apprehensive about going on a long walk - it is something of an ‘old person activity’ as the kids say. Once they arrived at the waterfall, however, they were super positive and some even wanted to challenge themselves further as there is a very steep continuation of the track that gives a great view of the national park. It’s a challenging walk but lots of students were keen to tackle it, showing great positivity and determination, which we love to see.

So from the Year 8 SMLs and all the teachers on camp, we’d like to thank the kids for their positive attitude. We all agreed they were by and large excellent and fun to be around, and no we’re not just saying that because we’re supposed to.

Year 8 students at Roses Gap Camp

Year 9 Student Management Report

Year 9 Student Management Report

Term 2 has been a busy learning period for the Year 9 cohort. On top of their regular subject assessments, students have also begun studying and revising work for their first experience of high school exams.

In the homegroup curriculum, students have learned the importance of being upstanding citizens and champions of creating positive change in the realm of violence toward women – as part of the ‘Be The Hero’ program. Also in homegroup, students have completed some activities that focus on careers research and learning of possible job pathways beyond high school – this will culminate with the Morrisby online careers testing that has been communicated by Anna Bovdis.

The Year 9s continue to build a strong relationship with the Wyndham Tech School, and all homegroups had the opportunity to experience technology at its most advanced as students immersed themselves in exciting workshops.

Various classes have taken part in some exciting excursions and incursions across the term, including (but not limited to):

  • Interschool sports such as netball, AFL and soccer

  • Fitness elective to the Ninja Warrior Gym in Keilor to test students’ physical limits

  • SEED respectful relationships workshop

To all our Year 9 students, congratulations on your first rounds of exams and have a great break.

We look forward to seeing you all back here rested and recharged, ready for an exciting Term 3.

Year 9 incursion - murder mystery scavenger hunt
Year 9 students enjoying Physical Education class

Year 10 Student Management Report

Year 10 Student Management Report

The second term has provided many new opportunities and challenges for the Year 10 cohort, such as work experience, road safety incursions, exams and consent education.

We started the term with a week of work experience with students trying their hand in numerous industries. It was pleasing to see during our workplace visits that so many students were engaging with their work and gaining valuable insight into possible future careers. Upon returning to school many students came back with a drive, knowing they had found a potential future career, whilst others came back knowing that job was definitely not for them.

Later in the term the students got to experience exams for all of their subjects. This was a great opportunity for them to practise new revision techniques and their organisation in preparation for VCE should they choose that pathway. I am sure they are all eagerly awaiting the release of these results at the end of term :)

Finally, throughout the term we had an incursion on Road Safety and one on Consent. These are important topics for this age group and it was great to see so many students engaging with the topics.

As we look forward to another busy Term 3 we encourage all of our Year 10 students to enjoy their break and to take some much-needed rest. In Term 3 we will turn our attention to next year and begin discussions on pathways, which is always exciting.

Year 11 Student Management Report

Year 11 Student Management Report

Term 2 of Year 11 is always a challenging one, as assessments ramp up and workloads increase. However, the Year 11 students have handled this well, adapting to the increased requirements and new challenges. Unit 1 subjects finished with an end-of-unit practice exam, giving students an opportunity to experience the time requirements of actual end-of-year exams. Many Year 11 students are also undertaking a Unit 3 subject, giving them a valuable opportunity to accelerate their VCE and the expectations of Year 12.

The Year 11 students have demonstrated a high degree of student agency this term. In Week 3, the students undertook consent lessons during homegroup. These lessons were designed in consultation with the students to best reflect their experiences and needs regarding consent. The students responded well to these lessons and reflected upon the relevance of these to their lives. The Year 11 student leaders were involved in the creation of an end-of-term adventure excursion as a way of making up for their missed camp last year. This was designed taking on board feedback and suggestions from the cohort.

As part of our commitment to Careers and Pathways, the Year 11 students undertook a two-day event that involved visiting Victoria University and RMIT to gain an understanding of the courses and opportunities available at both of those institutions. The students also attended the Victorian Careers Expo, where they had the chance to talk to a variety of study providers or investigate career pathways. The students were well engaged and inquisitive through these activities and many expressed a clearer idea of what their post-school pathway would be.

Students at the University excursion
Students at the University excursion

Year 12 Student Management Report

Year 12 Student Management Report

Term 2 has flown by, and with Unit 3 officially in the rearview mirror our VCE and VCAL students can collectively heave a sigh of relief and simultaneously brace themselves for the run home. In many ways this is the most challenging term of the year for the Year 12s: we hit the depths of winter; the end doesn’t quite feel like it’s in sight; and assessments and outcomes need to be completed by hard deadlines. This cohort, however, has taken that challenge in their stride, and the positive way that they have embraced the challenge has been infectious.

This upbeat attitude was perhaps best exemplified during Gratitude Week, when Year 12 students took the opportunity to express to each other the things for which they were grateful. The personal nature of this provided a sense of reassurance in the middle of a difficult term, and was a welcome reminder that in fact yes, we do all quite enjoy each other’s company!

This allowed the VCE students to barrel through the end of their Unit 3 assessments, and the VCAL students to officially complete the outcomes required for Semester 1. These achievements are significant in and of themselves; however, they take on more importance in the broader context of the year. We really only have 12 weeks of teaching left and are officially past the academic halfway point. If the year is a hill then perhaps we have just crested it, and are starting to build momentum in the race to the finish line.

Respectful Relationships Report

Respectful Relationships Report

Respectful Relationships education is a core component of the Victorian Curriculum from foundation to Year 12. It is all about embedding a culture of respect and equality across the entire school community. The whole-school approach with Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships recognises that schools are a workplace, a community hub and a place of learning. Everyone involved in our school community deserves to be respected, valued and treated equally.

Williamstown High School has been a RRRR school since 2018, and has been a lead school since 2020. The program is lead by the RRRR executive team (Corrine Hall, Darren Nicholas, Sarina Meusburger, Tyson Hartwig and Liam Keating), however for any inquiries regarding the program Liam Keating (SWPBS & RRRRs Learning Specialist) is the best point of contact.

This term the executive team has been working very hard on a number of initiatives within the RRRRs Action plan. Some of these achievements are:

  • HG Curriculum: RRRR lessons are embedded in homegroup lessons/activities from Years 7 to 12. The lessons cover a number of topics (Emotional Literacy, Personal Strengths, Positive Coping, Problem Solving, Stress Management, Help-Seeking, Gender & Identity and Positive Gender Relations). Currently new resources are being developed by the Department of Education and Training, and lessons are being reviewed for 2023.

  • Other Curriculum: Not only does the RRRRs fit into our HG curriculum, but it also lends itself well to multiple curriculum areas. Currently subjects such as Humanities, Health & PE and English are taking a RRRR approach through content and delivery. We are constantly reviewing how to improve our RRRRs practice through a range of areas.

  • Incursions: The Student Engagement and Wellbeing Team have mapped a number of incursions from Years 7 to 12. The incursions are all year-level specific, and cover a range of topics. Some of these include RRRR themes. This is another way of embedding RRRRs into our school curriculum.

  • Student Focus Groups: Part of improving the delivery of RRRR content and practice is to collect feedback. Our students have such a strong voice and understanding of what school is like. The RRRRs team is starting to work with small focus groups to collect feedback, review the data and then improve students' experience with a RRRRs lens.

  • Inclusivity Statement/Posters: Williamstown High School has recently developed an Inclusivity Statement. This statement aims to promote Williamstown High School’s commitment to inclusion for all students, staff, parents and community members. The statements are currently up in every classroom around the school, and classrooms will be unpacking the statements to get a sense of what they stand for.

Pronouns Poster: Like the inclusivity posters, there are pronoun posters in every classroom. These pronoun posters have been designed by a student, and explain/break down the correct use of preferred pronouns. This is another example of making school a more inclusive, safer and welcoming place.

Our aim for RRRRs is to promote social and emotional skills and positive gender norms in our students, as there is evidence that health and wellbeing outcomes improve. The program also aims to reduce antisocial behaviours including gender-related violence.

Literacy Report

Literacy News

During Week 7, eight teachers from a range of subject areas across the Bayview and Pasco campuses completed the Lexis Education, Language and Literacy for Learning intensive training. These eight staff members are now certified to train our Williamstown High School staff, continuing to develop our whole-school Disciplinary Literacy approach, which began at the start of the year in our first curriculum day.

The training involved considering how students use literacy to make meaning when comprehending (reading) and composing (writing) texts as well as understanding how diverse the requirements of texts are in each subject area. It also included analysis of language through the functional grammar framework and involved careful consideration of the register continuum in relation to more spoken and more academic texts. The aim of this training is to position Williamstown staff members to scaffold and extend the learning of all students to improve outcomes in all subject areas.

Staff at our Literacy training

In other news, the Principal’s Writing Competition will soon draw to a close. The competition allows for entries in a variety of categories and writing styles for the prompt “Duality”. There are a multitude of exciting prizes on offer including an iPad, a book prize, certificate, and tickets to the Melbourne Writers Festival. Additionally, the names of the winners will be printed on our Principal’s Writing Competition honour boards, and all winning entries will also be published in an anthology that will be available to borrow in our school libraries.

I encourage all interested students to submit their entries via the Google Classroom (code: dkwxmpx) by the end of the school holidays.

English Report - Bayview Campus

English at Bayview

It has been an absolute delight to get back into the classroom this year and teach face to face in our wonderful English classes.

Our Year 7 students have started the year with Poetry, analysing and creating their own masterpieces. They have also studied The Bone Sparrow, reflecting on place and belonging in narrative texts.

The Year 8s have just completed their Media Literacy unit focusing on how an argument is constructed in some of the most famous speeches in history. Their own topical issue speeches have been a real highlight allowing our students to flex their persuasive muscles.

The Year 9 students have been working hard writing creatively or studying the classic novel Of Mice and Men. They were also lucky enough, in their last year of NAPLAN, to experience the long-awaited shift to NAPLAN online. With lots of patience and engagement, NAPLAN went off without a hitch. Well done on such a fantastic semester in English class Willi High students!

English Report - Pasco Campus

English at Pasco

At this time of year, it is great to curl up with a great book and enter into another completely different imaginative world. Those of us who are passionate about reading and writing have numerous opportunities to indulge in this pleasure. It can be even more satisfying than the latest Netflix or Stan series! We are lucky to live in a city and suburb that supports the literary arts with The Wheeler Centre in the city, great bookshops and library, and our local literary festival in Williamstown (Willy Lit Fest) featuring talented established and upcoming writers.

One of our students, Eva Bugeja, was shortlisted and then was successful in winning first prize for one of the Young Adas awards, which commemorates a local writer, Ada Cambridge.

The following excerpt has been sourced from the Willy Lit Fest website:

The Ada Cambridge Biographical Prose Prize, Poetry Prize and The Young Adas were named after one of Australia’s finest colonial writers. Ada Cambridge (1844-1926) was an English-born Australian writer. She began writing poetry in her late teens, and in her early twenties published two volumes of hymns, with a collection of poems entitled Echoes following in 1869. In 1870, she married a curate destined for colonial service, George Frederick Cross, and the couple sailed for Melbourne later that year. Overall, she wrote more than 25 works of fiction, three volumes of poetry and two autobiographical works. Many of her novels were serialised in Australian newspapers but were never published in book form. As the wife of the Reverend George Cross she lived in the Vicarage at Holy Trinity, Williamstown, from 1893-1909, where she wrote some of her most significant work.

Ada Cambridge 1844 – 1926 was an English-born Australian writer

Our Year 10 students, including Eva, will be reading and writing during Term 3 on the theme of… wait for it… ‘love’. Whether it is love of family or friends, kindness or compassion for strangers - our students will be encouraged to explore short stories, poetry and non-fiction on this theme. We are excited to see what they are able to explore and create in their writing.

Humanities Report

Humanities Report

In Humanities this semester students have been exploring new ways to engage their critical and creative thinking through hands-on teaching activities and ethical discussions.

In Year 7, students have been exploring Ancient China and have recently been fascinated by foot binding and ultimately how and why this practice happened. To further understand this process, students have been reflecting on how the time period, culture and our past experiences can impact our views and values.

Ethical conversations have continued into our Year 9 Geography unit where we have been looking at food insecurity and trying to understand our impact and role in this global crisis. Classes have been reflecting on how a single act of buying a chocolate bar from the canteen can be connected to environmental and humanitarian issues such as land grabbing, farmers rights and food accessibility across the world.

The Year 8s this semester have been intrigued by the gory and often bloody world of the Aztecs and Medieval Europe. Always an annual highlight, our Year 8s travelled to the medieval replica Kryal Castle. This excursion saw the students on trial to learn about the questionable practices of the medieval court, gain a deeper understanding of nobility and peasant lifestyles and, of course, face their fears in a squeamish tour of the tourture dungeons.

8C interpretation of Medieval doctor
Year 8 students at Kryal Castle

Technology Report - Bayview Campus

Technology Report

The Technology classes have been busy this semester investigating, designing and producing a range of products and systems, including screen printed tote bags, engaging computer games, café and restaurant quality dishes, bespoke wooden lolly dispensers, landscaped gardens and a variety of plants grown from seed. A few highlights of the semester are included in this article.

The weeklong Art and Tech Expo had a range of quizzes, competitions and workshops organised, including making concrete planters in a variety of shapes and aesthetic designs. Art and Technology Week was a busy and creative space.

Earlier in the semester I had the privilege to attend the opening of the Creative Tech Hub, as part of the Hobsons Bay Library, and find out about what is on offer at the spectacular space that is the old Seaworks building. Students and Hobsons Bay residents have the opportunity to learn and use the technology and “makerspace”. At the start of Term 2, the Creative Tech Hub came to Willi High and set up a robot soccer match played during lunchtime.

On a wet Tuesday lunchtime the Hold Fast pop-up café was set up in the Atrium. The students worked hard to sell sweet treats produced in class and hot beverages to appreciative patrons. Thank you to Millie and Chloe for providing the music and Sue Balfoort for continuing to support our Food Technology students.

- M. Jepsen

A pancake competition was also held with many impressive entries for the pancake presentation, including those presented by Holly Alexander and Emma Albicocco of 7D.

Technology Report - Pasco Campus

Technology Report

In a jam-packed semester (experienced by all senior Technology staff and students with no lockdowns) students have enjoyed the practical application each subject area has to offer. They have taken part in cooking, sewing, programming and woodwork. We are very proud of all the wonderful project-based tasks that have been created by our Technology students this semester (see images).

Year 10 and VCE textiles students were given an amazing opportunity to attend an excursion to the NGV to see the ‘Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto’ exhibition, with Ms Conti and Ms Famularo (please see separate student article and images).

Year 10 Technology

In the Food Technology room, the students completed units on safety and hygiene, with the Make a Meal classes also learning about nutrition, meal planning, modifying recipes to improve their nutritional quality, and the design process. The Food Styling students explored styling and decorating techniques, food trends, unconventional ingredients, and the design process.

In the Wood Technology room, Product Design students completed a safety course, then launched into their folio and production of their personalised clocks, whilst exploring the design process. They built basic electric circuits to enable their clocks to function.

In the Mac Computer Lab, Game Development students were engaged in planning, designing and producing their original game using GameMaker Studio; and Web Design and Infographics students collected data and presented it in original websites they designed and developed using Adobe Dreamweaver.

In the Textiles room, Textile students explored a range of fabric dyeing techniques using Liquid Radiance fabric paints, and developed folios based on the garments that they then created, and finally produced care labels for, whilst working through the design process.

VCE Technology

Applied Computing, Food Studies, Product Design and Technology (textiles and wood) students have been equally as busy with learning the subject specific coursework, completing SACs, and beginning the design process in the first component of their SAT folio work. Technology teachers are looking forward to seeing their various products/programs come to life as they are completed next term.

Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto

Exhibition at the NGV

Written by Cory Bush (10F)

On 3 March, 2022, the Year 10 Textiles and Years 11 and 12 PDT Textiles classes went on a bit of an adventure with our teachers Ms Conti and Ms Famularo. We started by catching the train to Flinders Street Station from Williamstown Beach Station, and then walked over to the NGV to see the Chanel Exhibition - Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto.

Ms Conti designed a booklet for us to fill out especially for the exhibition. We had to answer a series of questions. We had to locate garments with complex processes and techniques like Gathering, and we also analysed how Chanel’s garments followed the Product Design Process and applied the Product Design Factors. The exhibition was quite interactive. We listened to a self-guided tour that helped with the answers. We had two hours to walk around and admire the beautiful garments made by Coco Chanel.

Some of the garments were absolutely stunning and I was shocked to see how detailed the dresses were. In the 1900s the clothing was so rigid and corseted, Chanel changed that and created beautiful flowing dresses in which women could move freely. Chanel’s garments are known for their simplicity, but when you look at them closely you can see the detail and the luxury.

After we finished in the exhibition, we had lunch by the pink pool ‘Ponder’ and it was very nice to sit down and cool down. We then caught the train home and finished our amazing day.

I am very pleased that we had the opportunity to go, and I thank Ms Conti and Ms Famularo for taking us on this wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Careers Pathways and Transition Report

Careers, Pathways & Transition Report

Work Experience

It seems like a lifetime ago that our Year 10 students completed work experience yet this occurred in Week 1 of this term. With more than 220 students participating, it was even more pleasing when 176 students' work experience survey results revealed very pleasing and positive responses. The feedback will be used to improve what is clearly an invaluable learning experience for our Year 10 students.

The takeaway for the program is, however, that students need to start researching for placements early and when introduced in Term 4 of Year 9. The school has also developed an extensive database of potential employers who have kindly agreed to participate from this year for next year.

Zac Everett (10C) was invited back after his work experience with Microsoft to do a livestream on the Microsoft Reactor YouTube Channel to talk about his work experience week. The link below contains the livestream. His Microsoft experience was fulfilling and has inspired his pathway into Computer Science. Well done Zac!

Zach Everett live stream at Microsoft

Data showing how satisfied our students were with their work experience

Data showing if our students work experience was in their desired field

Cassius Fernando of 10K at Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery. This is Australia’s first collaborative, hospital-based biomedical engineering research centre
Excelsior Madden of 10D at Work Experience with Moonstories Production and Village Roadshow in Queensland

National Careers Week

From 16 to 20 May a Careers Expo took place at the Pasco campus where Year 9 and 10 students visited and engaged in some meaningful conversations. Other activities were also attended during National Careers Week: Year 11 students experienced a Careers Show and the Year 12s went to the WRICA Careers Expo. Year 7-9 students engaged in lessons that explored the Willi High Careers website and subject teachers used career targets to discuss career pathways in their subject area.

Careers at Bayview

This semester, the Year 7 students kickstarted the careers program by looking at the value of interpersonal skills and finding supportive career allies. Year 8 students focused on values and employability skills in their homegroup lessons, and Year 9 students examined their personal qualities and attitudes to reflect on possible career goals. They also participated in the Morrisby Profile Assessment, a useful tool that supports students with guidance on their strengths and interests in terms of possible subject choices and career options going forward to the senior campus.

All students engaged in their Career Action Plans, an online platform provided by the Department of Education and Training to help capture their interests, skills and accomplishments over the year.

Year 11 into 12 Course Selection

Subject selection for 2023 has taken place and Year 11 students have now submitted their Year 12 subject choices. Year 11 students were presented with information to consider about their VCE or VCAL programs, and asked to confirm their subjects for their final year of secondary school.

Assembly Pathways Information

Weekly Year 12 assemblies have allowed the delivery of pathways information that complement information from the Careers Newsletters for Year 12 students. Year 12 students are encouraged to continue to book Pathway appointments and to continue their research. VTAC applications will open on Monday, 1 August. Each year, Year 12 students engage in a special VTAC presentation to launch the whole process in Week 4 of Term 3.

Next term is typically known as the “Term of Transition” as multiple year levels focus on course selection and transition activities in preparation for the following year. Year 10 students have received an introductory presentation to VCE and the new VCE Vocational Major. With a ‘food for thought' delivery, students will be able to ponder their pathway for 2023.

Sport Report

Sport Report

Cross Country Update

We are thrilled to report that year 8 student Isaac Sontag won his race in the Western Zone finals of the Cross Country. Year 7 students Asha Grigg, Mahli McCarroll and Ava Palser came overall second with Ava qualifying for the finals and year 9 student Maddie Camillo came third. Congratulations to Isaac, Asha, Mahli, Ava and Maddie!

Isaac Sontag winning his race
Maddie Camillo winning her race

Intermediate Report

We had some great success recently in the Hobsons Bay Division for our intermediate sport. Our boys and girls soccer teams made it through comfortably to the regional finals and both have great depth, which could help in the push for state finals. Our netball team also cruised through to the next round with strong performances from Giselle Puru and Louise Albrighton. Unfortunately, the Y10 AFL team got pipped in the final but were dominant in all other games.

The most pleasing thing to see across all sports was the number of participants. After a tough two years we had record numbers of students putting their hand up to represent their school with their mates. They all had an absolute ball, which is the most important thing.

A special shout out also goes to Heath Corry who recently competed for the Vic State Team during the Australian Pool Life Saving Championships in Sydney, where he won the Under-16 100 LC Meter CPR. Well done!

Senior Sport Report

No new updates since the last W-Files for senior sport as we wait for the regional finals taking place early in Term 3.

Stay tuned

School Aerobics Report

School Aerobics Report

Our four Williamstown Aerobics teams competed in the Victorian States competition on Saturday, at Geelong Arena.

We were so proud of all athletes’ enthusiasm and resilience, with an extremely early start and all teams performing within 1.5 hours.

All teams placed gold or silver in their division, and we received three invites to the Nationals competition to be held on the Gold Coast in August: WHS Shimmer, WHS Sparkle and Old Skool.

Congratulations to all competitors and coaches for their success!

WHS Shine: Stage 2 (score 75.3: gold medal)

Isabelle Cembala

Zali Ferguson

Ava Gardner

Maggie Lynch

Maddie Mok

Indy Webster

WHS Sparkle: Stage 1 (score 73.8: gold medal)

Isla Briggs-Kennedy

Madi Harris

Poppy Laidlaw

Hayden Montgomery

Luci-Ella O’Dea

Erin Simonds

WHS Shimmer: Stage 1 (score 70.3: silver medal)

Ella Bloxham

Georgia Campbell

Annelise Cembala

Peta De Zilva

Taylor Polglase

Matisse Rossow

Sienna Wilson

All Stars (score 82.3: gold medal)

Stephanie Berry

Cassie Comyns

Ella Goldsmith

Liv Marshall

Jade Pedlar

Maddie Scambary Speller


Cassie Comyns

Ebony Ross

Stephanie Berry

Ella Goldsmith

Lauren Withers

Early bus ride to the comp!
WHS Shimmer
WHS Shimmer
WHS Shine
WHS Sparkle
Williamstown Aerobics: Old Skool

Parents and Friends Association Report

Parents and Friends Association Report

Many thanks to Tyson Hartwig, our guest speaker at the most recent PFA meeting. Tyson gave us an update into how the wellbeing and engagement team at WHS are supporting our children at Willi High.

PFA funding aquarium upgrade

Thanks to your continued support, the PFA has been able to provide funding for a much-needed aquarium upgrade:

“… it really will generate a huge amount of excitement for the students, the school and mostly the marine environment. Adding organisms like stingrays and sharks (small ones) will be sure to connect our students to our oceans and hopefully inspire them to make the changes we all need to see in the world. If it doesn't do that it will at the very least create a lasting memory of when they got to stick feed a shark and or a ray!”

- WHS’s resident marine biologist, Garrett Drago

For the first time the PFA has a date for a Bunnings sausage sizzle (Millers Road store). An online volunteer sign-up sheet will be available shortly. Your support on Sunday, 24 June, for a couple of hours will enable the PFA to keep enhancing the educational experience for WHS students - such as the above upgrade to the Marine Biology room, and digital logger sensors for the Bayview Science Department.

The next PFA meeting is on Tuesday, 26 July, at 7:30pm – for the first time in over two years we will be able to hold the meeting in person at the Bayview Campus. We will also offer an online attendance option. Details will be available closer to the time. Our Mental Health Practitioners will be our guest speakers.

We welcome all new families.

Canteen News

Canteen News

Hello to the students and parents of Bayview Campus.

Firstly, I would like to introduce the team in the canteen that provides the delicious food for the students. We have Marilyn, Daniella, Cristina, Carmen and Helen. We would like to say THANK YOU for all the support that we receive.

In the canteen we provide all sorts of meals from pastas, rice dishes and stir frys. And everything is made on site fresh each day. We also have some all-time favourites, such as hot dogs, burgers, chips and souvlaki. Also on offer are fresh fruit, focaccias, sushi and wraps.

We would love to hear feedback from the students if they would like us to introduce some new foods. Each week we have different specials and combos.

Enjoy your holidays and we will see you all back in Term 3.

Entertainment Books

Dear WHS Community,

We are fundraising with Entertainment ™! Get savings right at your fingertips with endless offers across dining, shopping and experiences – do more of what you love and give back to our School with 20% of the proceeds of each membership going towards our fundraising.

You can purchase either a Single City, Multi City or Multi Plus membership with each membership offering 1,000’s of dollars’ worth of savings for local dining, takeaway, travel, attractions, shopping and much more!

Order your digital Entertainment Book online and enjoy! For more details please click on the link below

We thank you for your contribution!

WHS Parents and Friends Association

Williamstown High School W-Files Issue Four, 2022 - 24 Jun 2022