Student Leadership

Student leadership is an essential part of school life at Williamstown High School. The leadership body is student focussed, energetic and led by our school captains at both the Pasco and Bayview Campuses.

Our Student Leadership Program is flexible and is adapted according to the needs of our ever changing student body. Our student leaders experience training to develop important leadership skills in public speaking, peer support, communicating and problem solving, all which will help them succeed in the school environment and beyond.

Our student leadership teams seek to:

  • Highlight new and existing opportunities for student voice to foster a sense of ownership in the school.
  • Increase student participation and engagement in the classroom and within the wider community.
  • Renew focus on house competition to foster a sense of school pride and spirit.

Bayview Student Leadership Structure

Key Leadership Positions:

School Captains

House Leaders

Curriculum Captains

Junior School Council

Events Committee

Homegroup Representative

House Leaders

Curriculum Captains

Junior School Council

Events Committee

The House Leaders are role models for the school and for the students in their house. They aim to motivate and encourage house spirit as well as active participation in a range of activities and events.

Each curriculum area has captains to represent their subject area. These student leaders are passionate and have an interest in the subject area, work with the teacher on special projects/events and promote the work in their subject area.

The Junior School Council (JSC) is a student-led group that aims to understand the issues impacting students around the school, to problem solve and be an action research team and voice for the student community.

The Events Committee plays a key role in the organisation and implementation of events across the campus including fundraising and awareness events, celebration days and other special projects.

Homegroup Representative (1 student per HG)

Homegroup Representatives (or Homegroup Rep) are students that represent the class on numerous tasks, projects and events. They provide the connection between the student leadership teams and the homegroup. These students are able to attend meetings for the Junior School Council and Events Committee to share student ideas from their homegroups.

Bayview Student Leadership Team

Bayview School Captains: Nayimah Falzon & Astrid Bishop

Vice School Captains: Alexandra Trigger & Shelby Harnden

Gellibrand House Captains: Ella Bloxham and Emily Gray

Hobson House Captains: Archer Russell and Mischa Johnston

Phillip House Captains: Angus Caldwell and Dominique Littoij

Greenwich House Captains: Liam Jackson and Indiana Tedesco

Visual Art Captains: Isabel Cushion, Virgil Leonard, Prioshka Bari-Das

STEAM Captains: Eli Culha, Matthew Medved, Max Dmytrenko

Music Captains: Thom Woolford, Xavier Cilia,Ty Pannone, Ethan Hammon

Sports/Accelerated Sport: Bridie Mead, Madison Sonego, Matisse Rossow

For further information about our student leadership program at our Bayview campus please contact:

Kathryn Harink (Bayview Campus)

Pasco Student Leadership Structure

Key Leadership Positions:

Pasco Campus School Captains

Pasco Campus Vice Captains

Pasco Campus House Leaders

Home Group RepresentativeHouse Captains
This is a student led group that aims to
understand the issues impacting students around the school, toproblem
solve and be an advisory body and action research team which will drive
student agency and voice.
The House Leaders,
(supported by a School and Vice-Captain) are role models for the school
and more specifically for students in their House. The House Leaders
play an important role in:
•Organising and motivating students to participate in House activities.
•Assit teachers in organising inter-House events.
•Take an organisational role with other House Leaders in improving
student engagement within the campus, including areas for the increase
of House orientated activities within the school.
•Speak on behalf of students in the House as school functions and other special events.
•Mentor other students in the House.
•One Home Group representative from each Home Group at Years 10, 11 and 12.
•Each Home Group decided how to nominate their Captain.
• 8 House Leaders - 2 per House (Phillip, Hobson, Gellibrand and Greenwich).
Leadership Roles (linked with particular curriculum or extra-curricular teams across the campus)
  • Social Justice Captain
  • Environmental Captain and accompanying Environmental Officers
  • Music Captains
  • Journalism Captain with an accompanying Editorial team
  • Arts Captain
  • Drama Captain
  • RRRR Student Leaders
  • Sports Captain

For further information about our student leadership program at our Pasco Campus please contact:

Iolande Diamantis (Pasco Campus)

Pasco Student Leadership Team

School Captains: Indy Readsmith & Lachlan Patterson

Vice School Captains: Avina Hoang & Thomas Hughes

Gellibrand House Captains: Elaine Knight and Nina Lang

Greenwich House Captains: Olivia Mcguire and Harrison Speakman

Hobson House Captains: Samantha Dunn and Ellie Dorey

Phillip House Captains: Katie Hogan

Environment Captain: Daisy Enraght-Moony

Journalism Captain: Nathan Yiu

Sport Captain: Alexandra Schultz

Art Captain: Georgia Machar

International Students Captain: Mathilda Yang

Drama Captain: Mak Woltsche

Respectful Relationships: Rain Harty

Social Justice Captain: Tiara Fernando

Music Captain: Austen Reid Uebergang and Izzy Smith

Year 11 Representatives: Mariam Hassan, Lachlan Patterson, Aram Ghazagh, Imogen McFerran and Amelie Asp

Year 10 Representatives: Dash Edwards, Vince Mandado, Lachlan Wilson, Darcy Schneider and Tyler Sutton

Lunchtime and After School Clubs


• Young Women of Willi

• Environment Club

• Art Club

• Breakfast Club

• Social Justice Club

• Library Monitors

• Marine Club


• Karaoke Club

• Debate Club

• Games Club

• Art Club

• KVLT (Film Club)

• Breakfast Club

• Pasco Equality Club

• Writer’s Club

• Card Club

• Queer Club

• Book Club

• Dance Club