Williamstown High School- Instructional Model

The SIMPLE Instructional Model forms the basis for all classroom instructional practice at WHS. The model provides a framework for teachers and students as to how a lesson, or sequence of lessons, should be structured to ensure learning is explicit and purposeful .Embedded in the framework are 6 distinct learning phases, each with a specific purpose. They are as follows-

S (Statement of Intention): What do we want the students ‘to know’ by the end of the lesson.

I (Immerse): Warm-up and access prior knowledge, get students focussed.

M (Model): Explore and explain the new information, ideas, concepts, and terms.

P (Produce): Application, elaboration, and processing.

L/E (Link & Evaluate): Provide the teacher with a picture, evidence of students learning (formative and summative). Students evaluate their own progress (self-assessment). Student gets feedback from their teachers and peers.

Instructional Model