Our mission is “to inspire the community to conserve our amazing marine ecosystem through education programs that engender excitement, pride and knowledge of Victoria’s marine environment.”

In 2002 the Bayview Campus developed the Marine Education Centre staffed by our resident Marine Biologist; Garrett Drago the centre has opened its doors to over 8000 visitors since its beginning. It has become recognized as a centre for excellence for marine education and has provided professional development opportunities for teachers and students across Victoria.

The centre was developed to promote awareness and evoke a passionate response from all that visit, to protect, nurture and appreciate our delicate marine ecosystem. Our animals are respected and cared for. Students are given opportunities to touch living organisms under strict instructions, however they are taught that touching the organisms is a privilege, not a right.

We encourage our students to further investigate the marine field by becoming members of our Marine Science Club. Our Marine Education Program has previously extended its curriculum to include community projects such as crab surveys, water quality testing, reef surveys and litter counts.

We have also developed a number of marine based programs. These fully adaptable programs allow students from other schools to come to Williamstown High School and experience our centre and Victoria’s marine life up close. Our programs often utilise our amazing location while focusing on introduced species, adaptations and habitats.

Utilising nine habitat displays, touch tanks, an artefact wall and 3 tonnes of saltwater we are able to deliver marine education at its best while inspiring a passion for our unique underwater ecosystem.

Aquatic Multiplication (Aquatic Lifecycles)
Students investigate the wonders of an underwater universe while exploring the alien adaptations required for new life beneath the waves.

Our Fragile Seas (Human Impacts)
Where have all our fish gone? We now know that our daily lives impact and unbalance our delicate oceans.
Can we save our seas?

Beauty Beneath the Willi Waves (Exploring Local Marine life)
With twice the diversity of algae than any comparable location on the planet, Williamstown and its surrounding marine ecosystem is rich, rare and waiting to be explored.

We infuse our academic program with environmental themes and issues. The curriculum develops our appreciation for and awareness of designed and natural environments. We are heavily involved in community based environmental projects that provide our students with hands on environmental experience.

Jawbone Marine Sanctuary
In November 2002 the state government of Victoria declared 13 Marine National Parks and 11 Marine Sanctuaries throughout Victoria. This was to preserve some of Victoria’s finest habitats permanently. Fortunately for Williamstown High School one of the sanctuaries is located directly behind the school, the Jawbone Marine Sanctuary and plays a key role in the Marine Education Centre.

Chosen because of its isolation from the public as a rifle range over the past 80 years, it remains relatively unspoilt. The sanctuary supports temperate habitats including rocky basalt reef, sea grass beds, sandy beach, inter-tidal mudflats, salt marsh, freshwater wetlands, coastal vegetation and the largest population of mangroves in Port Phillip.

The site is thriving with sponges, algae, invertebrates and acts as a nursery for some juvenile animals. Some of the more common fish species seen include Whiting, Morwong, Globe fish and Zebra fish.