Williamstown High School has enjoyed support from the WHS Parents & Friends Association for many years and we endeavour to continue this proud tradition. Our vision is a school that provides the best for its students.

The PFA's broad aims are to:

  • Contribute to a robust, dynamic and healthy school community.
  • Promote a broad range of opportunities for students, so that they become competent, confident, motivated individuals who contribute positively to the school, and local area.
  • Facilitate communication between parents, the school, and the broader community.
  • Encourage good citizenship among students by providing Annual Citizenship Awards to two students in each year level.
  • Raise funds to assist a variety of school programs and facilities.

WHS PFA meets twice per term and provides an informal venue for parents and friends to support teachers and students of Willi High. The meetings are informative and relaxed. You are able to air concerns, chat with other parents and enjoy listening to our regular guest speakers, including the Campus Principals. This provides a good opportunity to discuss various school issues, and be part of the interested and involved broader school community.

The 2024 meeting schedule is as follows:

20 February

19 March (AGM)

14 May

11 June

23 July

20 August

8 October

12 November

Currently we work to:

  • Continue to support the school welfare department, with donations of $1500 to each campus
  • Offer PFA Student Citizenship Awards of $100 each for two students in each year level, at end-of-year assemblies.
  • Demonstrate parents’ appreciation of our hard-working teaching and non-teaching staff by providing an annual ‘thank-you’ afternoon tea.
  • Have regular meetings inviting guest speakers from within the school (often campus principals) to inform us on a range of issues.
  • Organise a range of fundraising activities and functions to support various school programs, initiatives and facilities, including the annual Bayview Campus Art, Design and Technology Exhibition.

The following parents are your 2023 PFA committee office bearers:

  • President – Cath Palin
    • Vice-President – Helene Kuoppa
  • Secretary: Elizabeth Cushion and Helene Kuoppa
  • Treasurer – John Mifsud
  • School Council Representative – Elizabeth Cushion
  • General Committee Members – Julie-Anne Smith, Anne Cooper, Lauren Gregory, Allison Lauder, Amanda Smith, Jo Patel, Tina Mifsud, Nicole Paramanis, Gabriela Heinz, Alessandra Ferri, Valberg Larusson, Brydie Quinn, Samantha Read, Andrea Walker

Please email presidentwhspfa@gmail.com if you have any further questions.