The Accelerated Sports Program was introduced at Williamstown High School in 2001. It has become highly successful through the commitment and collaboration between accelerated sport coordinators, sports coaches, parents, and students. This elite program provides an opportunity for young athletes with excellent sporting abilities to advance their established skills while providing a challenging environment that encourages them to reach their full potential. This specialised program operates in conjunction with the mainstream curriculum, allowing students to experience academic and athletic success.

Current Sports and Coaches

Our coaches are all professionals who have represented their sport at very high levels, both playing and coaching. They have links to the sporting community and offer unique programs to Williamstown High School. Our currents sports are:

  • Netball
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Triathlon
  • Australian Rules Football
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Aerobics

Selection Process

Students with demonstrated talent and ability in one of the above sports are invited to complete an application form and sports trial. Some key skills selectors are looking for include:

  • Potential for growth as an athlete
  • Basic athletic skills
  • Attitude to sport
  • Responsible behaviour and teamwork skills
  • A positive record of school conduct and attendance
  • A demonstrated commitment to academic school studies.

Information will be provided to local primary schools during term 4 in regard to sign up and trial dates for the following year’s programs. To be eligible all students must attend the trial unless otherwise negotiated with the program coordinator.

All students enrolled in the school will have the opportunity to trial for the program each year. Students may also be offered a place in the program throughout the year based on their previous trial or their performance at inter-school events.


The Accelerated Sports Program is a fee-paying program. Fees cover costs including elite sporting coaches, facilities, equipment, and transport. Students must pay the Accelerated Sports Program fees to participate in the program. Additional costs also include uniforms, tournament entry and camps. Payment plans can be organised through the office.

Training Sessions and Competitions

The training sessions are timetabled during school hours and take place once a week. Care is taken to avoid disrupting other classes; however the accelerated sports timetable may clash with classes at times. As a result of this students must sign a performance contract stating that they will endeavour to maintain their work to a high standard and complete any work missed because of these sessions.

Students are entered in various carnivals and tournaments throughout the year. These vary each year and are dependent on several factors such as scheduling of the tournament and the standard of the playing group. These competitions are in addition to the Victorian Secondary School Sports Association (VSSSA) Inter-School Sports that runs at each year level in every sport that the school offers.

Further Information

For further information please email the program coordinator,

Karen Mahoney
03 9399 9228