Schoolaerobics is a team-based sport for all students, which has run as an extracurricular program at Williamstown High School since 2013.

Schoolaerobics is the largest inter-school sport aerobics competition for primary and secondary school students throughout Australia. The program aims to provide an avenue for students to improve their fitness, confidence, health and self-esteem through participation in a healthy and fun competition.

As part of the WHS Schoolaerobics program students will compete in 2 competitions throughout semester 1: the Autumn Challenge and Regional Qualifiers.

Teams who perform well in the Regional Qualifiers are invited to attend the State competition. Then, the National Championship is held in August on the Gold Coast for those who place highly at the State level. Students also have the opportunity to take part in the optional Spring Challenge in October.

Students with all levels of ability can participate as we enter different sections allowing for beginners up to more experienced students.

Williamstown High School has been successful in a number of these competitions each year, including reaching national level in various sections.

Participating students pay an additional fee to be involved. Training and competitions occur outside of school hours. In 2023, training takes place on Wednesday after school from 3:15pm – 4:30pm in the Bayview Street gym, as well as additional sessions being held during the school holidays and lunchtimes. Having experience in dance, calisthenics, gymnastics, cheer leading etc. is useful but not essential.

For information, please contact one of our aerobics coaches:

Brittany Lukasik