Principal Report

Welcome to the final W-Files of 2022. It has been pleasing to see a large number of events, activities and end-of-year excursions take place at this busy time of the year. This includes arts and media showcases, music concerts, transition events, Year 9 Immersion project expo, exams and Headstart programs. We welcomed new families with our Year 6-to-7 orientation evening followed by an orientation day for our next crop of students.

Year 9 Immersion Project Expo

We also returned to the Williamstown Town Hall for our traditional end-of-year whole school assembly, where we celebrated student achievements, showcased our LOTE and arts programs and presented reflections and plans for the future.

In my address to the students, I spoke about how we have all been through so much over the past three years. However, with the support of our peers, our families and our teachers, students have continued their learning journey and also continued developing as beautiful global citizens. The theme of ‘thank you’ was very evident throughout my speech and within my reflections and our plans for the future:

It would be remiss of me to start without acknowledging the challenges we have all experienced in returning to a sense of normality following the challenges of the COVID pandemic in recent years. I am sure you are well and truly over it but have also appreciated the endless supply of RATs we have provided. Each of us have dealt with these challenges both individually, as a family and as a school community. One of our school values, Excellence and Creativity in our achievements and ambitions, has helped drive both our supports and our work during this time, reminding us that despite any challenges or hurdles that emerge, we value not only the wellbeing of you, our students, but also your ambitions.

With this in mind, I would like to take this moment to thank you all, both students and staff for a great year. Thank you for overcoming any hesitation about returning on site, thank you for rediscovering old or identifying new ambitions. And thank you for striving for excellence and being the best version of you.

A particular highlight this year has simply been the return of in-person productions, concerts with live audiences, debating, sporting events, camps, excursions and incursions, parent-teacher-student interviews, and more. Perhaps our appreciation of these has increased due to the experiences of recent years, and to me this has been a real positive. Thank you to you, the students, for not only your kind words of appreciation to the staff at WHS but thank you also for embracing these opportunities and for your positivity and joy expressed at being able to showcase your wonderful talents in front of your peers, teachers and, of course, families and friends.

Further highlights this year have been:

  • The outstanding work of our student leadership teams at both campuses. Our student leaders have led awareness raising activities for the school community in a range of social issues not only within our school grounds but well beyond too.

  • The installation of a formal Acknowledgement of Country plaque and smoking ceremony at our new Pasco Campus entrance.

  • Students working with staff to create and introduce a statement of inclusivity for WHS now on display in every classroom.

  • This year we demanded Compass develop software to provide the option of pronouns to be added to class roles. Although it has taken all year, it is now in place and our persistence has seen this change not only benefit our students but is now also being offered to all Compass schools Australia wide. This improvement, together with classroom pronoun posters, will be a visible reminder to all. Thank you to the students who have shared their experiences with us to help us better understand and push for positive change.

  • A new outdoor table tennis table for our Year 11 students and upgrade of the table tennis and basketball facilities at the Bayview Campus. This followed a presentation and lobbying from a team of five Year 9 students in the Immersion program.

  • Facility upgrades across both campuses, including new shade sails and solar panels, installation of chilled water fountains, new carpeting in classrooms, and other painting, fencing and landscaping upgrades.

I receive a number of glowing emails from community members about the students at my school. Often talking about your maturity and your social awareness, and this all adds to the great reputation we have in the community. This certainly opens opportunities and helps place you at the front of the queue when you go for a job or course interview.

Part of this has resulted from the pride you have in your school, in your school motto and in your uniform.

Hence this year we concluded our uniform review, resulting in a new school jumper. We bid a warm farewell to the traditional cherry red jumper that has played a large part in our wonderful history, and welcome a modern, eco-friendly and striking new black version that Willi High students will wear with pride both at school and in the community. Your voice told us our jumper needed to change, and change it has. This is another wonderful example of student voice influencing your school experience.

Remember, when you are wearing the Willi High uniform, you are representing yourself, your family and your school and this year you have done so with pride so I thank and congratulate you all once more for doing so.

In 2023 we will continue to return to familiar school routines from before the COVID interruption. International events such as our World Challenge adventures, and LOTE and Arts USA trips will resume with World Challenge and Arts occurring in 2023 and French and Indonesian early in 2024. We will complete the building of our Performing Arts Centre and new Year 12 Study Centre following a number of delays - beyond our control - experienced this year. Our Pasco student toilet blocks will receive a half-a-million-dollar upgrade with modern and inclusive facilities built. Synthetic courts at Bayview will be redone and plans are in place to look at a surface upgrade of the basketball courts at both campuses.

We will continue to have the highest expectations of our teaching and learning programs, and the closely linked focus on the “wellbeing of learning” will be prominent. We await with great anticipation the music and art shows and our 2023 whole school production of “FAME”, and look forward to being entertained by our talented students as well as equally talented Arts staff. We will look to enhance our Immersion program with the introduction of an Immersion Camp at Year 9, as well as continue to build on the many programs we have. What a wonderful school we are all part of, and I am both humbled and proud to be your principal.

In recent years I have finished off with a message asking you to do things such as focus on the road ahead or appreciate what you have rather than what you do not have. For this year, I want the words of my end-of-year message that remain with you to be ones from the theme of this speech. Quite simply: Thank you. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for bringing your diversity and your commitment. Thank you for being part of a school whose old school song has the words “the greatest school of all”.

I wish you all a happy and safe holiday and, at all times:

Hold Fast!

PFA and School Council

I would like to recognise and acknowledge all members of our School Council and Parents and Friends (PFA) Association for their time, energy and support this year. Early in 2023, I will be calling for nominations for a number of vacated School Council positions. I certainly encourage everyone to consider nominating.

Contributions to “Teens Give Back” campaign - note of thanks

Please see below a note of thanks for our recent involvement in this campaign by Bubbling Up:

I'm writing on behalf of the Bubbling Up! team, West Welcome Wagon, and the local asylum seekers they support, to say a HUGE thank you for taking part in our "Teens Give Back" Campaign this year.

Yesterday, we had the privilege to deliver all of the school items collected and donated by our community to West Welcome Wagon. We met the Chair of the West Welcome Wagon Board and some volunteers and they are so grateful for the support we've provided this year - especially because educational items are in such demand ahead of a new school year. It is wonderful to know that our community has come together to support young people from asylum-seeker families in the west of Melbourne to start the new school year with what they need to learn and grow.

We would like to express our gratitude to everyone involved at Williamstown High School for contributing - thank you to every young person, teacher, parent or carer who spread the word, donated items, put bags together and wrote encouraging messages. I attach a few photos for you to share with the school community to show the impact of your generosity.

We know this is a very busy time of year for schools and your hard work and dedication to making a difference is something to be very proud of.

We are very much looking forward to working with you again next year and we'll be in touch in the new year as we are planning our Bubbling Up! calendar of events for 2023.

In the meantime, we wish you a wonderful festive season and a well-deserved summer break.

Best wishes,

Julie du Plessis and Julie Noonan
Co-Founders - Bubbling Up!

2023 Student Captains

Congratulations to our 2023 Student Captains, who were announced and proudly presented to the recent year-level assemblies:

Pasco 2023 Captains

Pasco 2023 Vice-Captains
Bayview Captains 2023

The Class of 2022

The class of 2022 will indeed be remembered fondly for many reasons. Above all else, they have been an extremely talented and resilient cohort. They should reflect with great pride their efforts in completing Years 10 to 12 while overcoming the challenges of a global pandemic. Thank you to the fantastic team of Year 12 teachers and the Student Management Leaders, David Urwin and Melissa English, for their great leadership and care. The support from parents, guardians and families during their final year of schooling is a vital component and something that is appreciated by all staff members at Williamstown High School.

It was very pleasing to be able to finish the year with both a Year 12 Formal and Year 12 Graduation Night. Students and staff were able to celebrate the many successes and reminisce about the challenges in both a relaxed and formal setting. We set a record for WHS with 38 students achieving an ATAR over 90, and almost 50 percent received an ATAR over 80. We had 80 40-plus study scores, and a perfect study score of 50 in English Language, Media and Accounting. Shirley Lin was named the 2022 Dux with an ATAR of 99.70. The school also attained a median study score of 32.

We are extremely proud of the efforts of all our students and staff, and all of their achievements. Additional information relating to student achievement will be provided in our 2023 W-Files. We wish the class of 2022 the best of luck as they venture beyond the school environs, and we look forward to hearing about their future successes in the years that follow.

I would like to wish the whole school community a happy and safe holiday and I look forward to an exciting 2023.

Hold fast!

Williamstown High School.

Gino Catalano | Principal

Year 12 Formal

Bayview Campus Principal Report

Dear parents and carers

As we reach the conclusion of this term, we continue to challenge and support our students to achieve as much learning growth as possible and ‘begin’ 2023. Reiterating our high expectations and further developing relationships so as to support teaching and learning has formed a large part of our Orientation Days.

Our learning environment

We are continuing to work on maintaining and improving learning environments for our students. We have recently received recycling bins from Hobsons Bay City Council. These bins will be stickered and available for students to use, as per the system in the community. This will enable greater consistency and hopefully see the reduction in ‘polluted’ recycling. Please speak with your child about respecting our environment and encouraging them to be a responsible member of our school community by making an appropriate choice for their ‘litter’. We will continue to address this issue as a school and as part of the local community.

Staff farewells and welcomes

We are due to farewell Genevieve Percovich and Kim Paatsch at the end of this term. We sincerely thank both teachers for their work with our students and give our best wishes for their new roles. Semester 1 next year will see Doug Leckie take leave, and Callie Martin, Nick Hughes and Rebecca Love are due to be on leave for 2023. We are due to welcome Emma Huang, Sarah Barry, Holly Defina, Tom Frawley, Oliver Graham, Maeva Landais, Nahtasha Nelson-Miriklis and Jenny Fsadni, and Grace Robertson is also due to return from leave.

We are currently in the Gurrawang season of the annual Eastern Kulin Seasonal Calendar, as described by Woiwurrung traditions - Kangaroo-Apple Season. The elements of this time evident at Bayview Street are changeable, thundery weather. We also had this visitor to the A-wing decking - please let us know if you can confirm the type!

End of Term 4 and break

Sincere thanks to you for supporting high quality teaching and learning at our school this year. All the best wishes to you for the break and looking forward to seeing you on January 30, 2023.

Karen Anderson

Pasco Campus Principal Report

Class of 2022

As the 2022 school year draws to a close it’s important to reflect on and acknowledge the achievements for the year. To the Year 12 Class of 2022, from all of us at Williamstown High School congratulations on completing 13 years of schooling. Many students have received fantastic results due to hard work, perseverance, study and wonderful support from your teachers. Exciting times lay ahead as news of university and TAFE offers come in, apprenticeships and traineeships commence and others head directly into the workforce. Whichever path you embark on we wish you all the very best. Remember that we are available here at school to provide pathway support and advice into next year should you need it.

The annual Year 12 Formal was well attended and a great time had by all. Some high-quality dance floor moves were on display at Marvel Stadium with many teachers from both the Bayview and Pasco campuses joining in the fun. We appreciate the mature and respectful way students celebrated the evening.

Celebration Assembly & Year 12 Graduation

Our Whole School Celebration Assembly and Year 12 Graduation events allow the school to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in student achievement in the areas of academia, community service, STEM, the arts and sport. We congratulate all award winners, you should be proud of your efforts and know you inspire those around you to be the best version of themselves and take on new challenges when the opportunity arises.


2023 subject classes have commenced in the Headstart program, we have been very impressed with the positive start students have made with their new teachers and classmates. I’m sure there were a few nerves for the Year 9 cohort as they started their journey at the Pasco Campus last week. We are really looking forward to getting to know you better next year and hope you enjoyed your first week at the senior campus.

Welcomes and Goodbyes

For those students, families and staff moving on in 2023 we say thank you for the contributions you have made to our school and community and wish you the very best for the future and trust you look back fondly on your time at WHS. Equally we welcome all newcomers to our school and are sure you’ll enjoy success and make new friends and colleagues upon your arrival.

Have a safe holiday period and enjoy a well-earned break, take time to enjoy the company of family and friends, and we will look forward to seeing you in 2023.

Strategic Assistant Principal Report

Annual Implementation Plan

The Williamstown High School leadership team has recently completed a review of the school's 2022 Annual Implementation Plan - the first year out of four from 2022-2025 where we are focusing on key areas including Learning Growth and Achievement, Student Engagement in Learning and Social and Emotional Wellbeing of students. The Annual Implementation Plan reviewing the successes and challenges over the course of the year has placed us in a good position to plan well for 2023.

Wyndham Tech School Partnership

We are very pleased to announce that WHS will continue its partnership with the Wyndham Tech School in 2023. Year 9 students will again participate in a 10-week intensive experience focused on either/both E-Sports Tech Start-Up or the Formula 1 in Schools programs. Students will also be offered a wider array of opportunities in this particular program, with an expanded focus on business and entrepreneurship opportunities.

STEAM spaces @ WHS

Our long-term project to incorporate contemporary workplace environments into our classroom settings is continuing. We are very keen for our students to be exposed to and make use of workspaces that reflect real work environments, and our latest investigation with the Wyndham Tech School has resulted in some planning for Room 13 at the Bayview Campus. So far we are looking at movable benches and whiteboards, and improving accessibility to technology and collaborative spaces so that this former ‘tech-only’ room can provide a range of teaching and learning opportunities. As this project gains momentum, we will also be looking at how we can grow other areas of the school in this way.

Congratulations to our STEAM/STEM community members

Throughout the year, we have continued to see STEM and STEAM ‘champions’ emerge in the school via the ever-growing range of opportunities we provide, whether this be via our subject electives, after-school Robotics program, work experience opportunities and school network events. Thank you to our many students, staff and parents who have supported this growth in Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics so that the community can continue to build opportunities for the future. We continue to be impressed by the enthusiasm and effort displayed in this dynamic area. Have a safe and happy break.

Gavin Clifford | Strategic Assistant Principal

Year 7 Student Management Report

Year 7 is coming to an end. It seems like only yesterday when the students came into the school and sat on the basketball courts for our first assembly. Our students have not just grown in height, but also in wisdom over the past year.

We would like to thank all our students for their resilience and the effort they have made over the past year. This not only being the first full year of on-site learning for two years but also the students' first year of high school.

We were fortunate to have lots of fun together along the way. Including experiences such as going on camp, online NAPLAN, having wellbeing days and an end-of-year excursion to Adventure Park.

We would like to say thank you to all our parents and guardians for your support throughout 2022.

Thank you to our Year 7 teachers this year for making the classes engaging and fun. Special thanks to our amazing homegroup teachers who took really good care of our students: Eliza Lawless, Liz Lorenc, Felicity Christmass, Tom Gentry, Corey Genis, Beth Richardson, Audrey Groellin, Hannah Eramus, Kim Paatsch, Brad Nicholls and Grace Robertson/Nikki Nguyen.

Special mention to all members of the SEW Team who have supported us during the year.

Wishing you all an enjoyable end-of-year break and all the best for 2023.

Year 8 Student Management Report

The end of the year is upon us - a time for finishing assignments and reports but, no doubt, to have some fun as well. By the time you read this hopefully you’ve finished all the work you need to do, and can fully concentrate on enjoying the holidays and the sunshine (joke fully intended with the sunshine).

Our Year 8s are of course moving into their final year of middle school and as such are becoming the leaders of the school. A big congratulations to all of those who have been selected to be part of the student leadership group for 2023, but in particular to our captains: Sadie Derrig, Hayden Galea, Mirka Cumming and Felix Neal. Well done!

Another big change on students’ minds is the impending changes to their homegroups. As student management leaders we put a lot of time and effort into these changes, and we hope we have created better learning environments for all. I would be remiss for not passing on a message I hope students see: Change is inevitable in life and it can be great if you approach it with the right mindset; it is an opportunity for you to try new friendships and build valuable resilience.

Finally we wish you all a very happy holidays, a happy new year and we shall see you in 2023.

Nicholas Hughes and Mathew Grossman

Year 8 Student Management Leaders

Year 9 Student Management Report

For the Year 9s, Term 4 feels like a sprint compared to the other terms. Students were busy immersing themselves in their subjects, completing CATs and work tasks on time, before end-of-year reports and the rigours of exams.

Students enjoyed a sausage sizzle for lunch to celebrate the conclusion of Year 9 classes.

In Week 9, students attended what would be their very last homegroup excursion with their Bayview teachers. Students attended Southbank for a day of tenpin bowling, arcade fun and an ice skating session. This was a great way to finish their time at the Bayview Campus.

As one door closes, another one opens and in Week 10 the Year 9 students transitioned from the Bayview Campus to the Pasco Campus to participate in the Headstart program. This now begins their senior school journey and we wish them well in the future.

Ben and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all students and their families a safe and happy Christmas and New Year. Have an amazing break and all the best for 2023.


Warren Patterson and Ben McColl

Year 10 Student Management Report

As we edge closer and closer to the end of the year we look back on what was a roller-coaster Term 4!

We started off the term with a great incursion from Living Positive, who spoke to the year level about safe sex and debunked a lot of the myths surrounding HIV. We also had the Royal Children’s Hospital come out to speak about the harm of vaping. Both incursions provided students with some great learning to support them over the coming years.

As the students wrapped up their final units of work, their attention turned to the exams! It was pleasing to see so many students studying diligently, and meeting with their teachers for support before each exam. We are sure that this experience will serve them well in preparation for future exams.

This was followed by Headstart, which felt like a complete restart for everyone. Students got to try out their new VCE and VCE-VM classes, meet their new teachers, and were able to make a good start on next year's work.

That brings us to a close of the 2022 Year 10s' school year. Unfortunately, we will not be coordinating the cohort next year, but know the students will be in good hands. We are sure they will enjoy some fresh faces in Ms Barlow and Mr Patchell, who will be taking care of them in Year 11.

We want to thank the Year 10s for such a wonderful year, in which we have thoroughly enjoyed both coordinating and getting to know the cohort. With a bit of luck we may see them again in Year 12.

Angus Rodda & Martyn van Reyk

Year 10 Student Management Leaders

Year 11 Student Management Report

In Term 4 students confirmed their subject choices for 2023 and began their Headstart programs through their VCE pathway. Along with the support of our Transition and Pathways Leader, Anna Bovdis, the SMLs have worked through a number of subject changes for students and are now confident that everyone is able to pursue their passions and potential career pathways.

In 2022, many students in the VCE cohort chose to accelerate and undertake Unit 3&4 subjects this year, and recently completed VCAA exams as part of this. We wish to congratulate these students on this achievement. We would also like to congratulate the cohort for successfully completing their Unit 2 exams within the school, which they treated as a chance to develop their skills in an exam setting, as well as an opportunity to judge their growth in each of their VCE and VET subjects.

The following Year 11 students were recognised at our recent Celebration Assembly:

Parents & Friends Awards (VCE): Lily Cummings and Romeo Butcher Feary
Parents & Friends Awards (VCAL): Jake Greenham and Katie Hogan

WHS Ex-Students Association Scholarships: Sarah Gowty and Jack Reynolds

Deakin Young Influencer Award: Abby Eastwood

We would also like to congratulate the newly elected 2023 Student Leaders, with a special mention to our school captains.

School Captains: William Noonan and Thanh Truong

Vice School Captains: Abby Eastwood and Charlotte Kolevski

We know that our student leaders will all be terrific representatives of the school and positive examples for others.

Well done to all our Year 11 students on a year of growth and independence and we wish you the best for the future.

2022 Year 11 Cohort


Brianna Murray and Ian Hume

Year 11 Student Management Leaders

Year 12 Student Management Report

Another cohort of Year 12s has made their way through the Centenary Gate for the final time, and as we look back on their journey we, as staff, have to consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to work with such a wonderful group of students.

Term 4 is, in some obvious ways, a difficult one for Year 12 students: there is the final push to complete outcomes and assessments for our VCAL and non-scored students, and the rigours of the last few weeks of study for those students who sit the VCAA examinations. This is a stressful time, and sometimes the measure of a cohort comes down to how they are able to deal with that stress. Our group this year dealt with it with aplomb; they supported each other, worked positively with their teachers, and (almost always!) turned up to their exams on time and with the right equipment. As a result of this, their final official acts as students ran smoothly, and hopefully they will be able to look back on their last moments as Williamstown High students with fondness.

Of course, the last few weeks of Year 12 are not all about academia: they are a celebration of an entire journey. The Year 12s this year got into the spirit of that with joy, decked out in costumes and creating final moments that will turn into lifelong memories. An excursion to Funfields on their last official day brought about a touch of nostalgia, and a few students paired that with a touch of nausea as they enjoyed the rides with a little too much vigour! The staff BBQ brunch settled some of this, but the carpark was, unfortunately and inevitably, a little more colourful when we left than when we arrived!

This is a wonderful group of students: they are interested in the world and each other; they care about big issues; and they understand that they are not defined by any one thing that they have done at school. They are leaving us well on the way to becoming well-rounded, compassionate people, and we can’t wait to see what they achieve in the years to come!

David Urwin and Melissa English

School Council Report

WHS School Council President’s Report December 2022

Often as we approach the end of the year, many of us are given cause for reflection. The past three years have certainly provided challenges for everyone. Without even mentioning its name, of course I'm referring to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While the 2022 school year saw a return, if not to normality, to “COVID normal”, which saw the school year commence under COVID-safe provisions. This meant masks on, masks off; daily COVID announcements from the school; as well as distribution of those hard-to-obtain rapid antigen test kits.

So while the year commenced with optimism, there were constant reminders of the experiences our city and school community endured over 2020 and 2021. With people circulating freely once more, it was inevitable that there would be new surges of both COVID-19 and other illnesses that we hadn’t experienced over the last two years. The double threat of COVID and the flu caused much disruption early in the year, with high levels of both student and staff absences. It is incredible that the school completed a full year despite the early challenges. To that point, I would like to acknowledge the effort of the school leadership, teachers and support staff in maintaining as close as possible to “business as usual” levels of operations during this challenging period. Thank you.

As a result of the extended remote learning over the last two years, the school’s Year 7 and 8 cohorts experienced campus life at WHS for the first time. And of course this year’s Year 12s experienced an incredibly arduous senior school career. Despite the challenges faced, our Year 12 students have done the school so proud with their results. I wish you all well in your next chapter and I thank you for the legacy you have left behind.

All students and families have been affected by the COVID experience. It is an understatement to say it has been difficult; resilience and fortitude have been required to endure the challenges faced. I’m sure in time we will look back at this time as the COVID era and I hope the shared experience aids us in preparing for future challenges.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who volunteered their time to the school. Any school is only as good as the community that supports it. In particular, I would like to thank the Parents and Friends Association, which does an outstanding job in raising funds for the school. These funds assist the school in providing a richer academic experience for our students.

As 2022 closes I would like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday. I hope everyone gets a chance to rest, recuperate and recharge for the new year coming.

Kane Harnden

School Council President

Curriculum Report

The break between Term 3 and 4 was a busy time for our Units 3&4 students, who attended revision lectures and trial examinations at school. The start of Term 4 saw the completion of the final school-based assessments (both SACs and SATs), before the focus was shifted to the end-of-year exams. For all students completing a scored Unit 4 subjects, the externally assessed VCAA exams are the final step in achieving a study score and/or an ATAR result.

The students showed fantastic determination to get through this final hurdle with their peers, and many study groups could be spotted working hard in the Study Centre during the SWOT VAC period. While there was a lot of nervous energy prior to the exams, it was clear that all students were prepared to give each exam their best effort. The Semester 2 examination period also occurred during this time, which provided an opportunity for Year 10 and 11 students to develop and practise their revision and exam-taking skills in preparation for Year 12.

VCE Headstart commenced in Week 7. During this period, the students joined their 2023 classes and commenced the coursework for next year. The two weeks of VCE Headstart allowed the students to have a proper feel for the subjects and receive homework for the holiday. In Week 10, we welcomed the Year 9 students who started their transition to the Pasco Campus with the Year 10 Headstart program. The students were enthusiastic and demonstrated Williamstown High School’s positive behaviour expectations. All students completed seven days of Year 10 classes which gave them the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the campus, meet their new teachers and trial their classes for 2023.

Details of the school’s curriculum processes for 2023 can be accessed via the 2023 Senior School Parent and Student Handbook, which will be available to students and families during the Term 1 Parent Information Evening, with the upcoming dates shown below. More details regarding these events will be sent to families via Compass closer to the dates.

  • Year 12 Parent Information Evening: Wednesday, 1 February 2023

  • Year 11 Parent Information Evening: Thursday, 2 February 2023

  • Year 10 Parent Information Evening: Thursday, 16 February 2023

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all families for your support this year. I wish you a safe and enjoyable break.

Hannah Vu | Curriculum Leader, Pasco Campus

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Bayview Report

And just like that, the year is done. Term 4 has gone extremely quickly and I have sensed a growing buzz of excitement around the campus as students prepare for their end-of-year programs.

  • Year 7 students have finished all their work tasks for the year and have made great strides in their first year of secondary education. They have been able to celebrate this achievement with their teachers and peers at Adventure Park Geelong, of which I’m sure the Year 7 SMLs will provide some great photos.

  • Outdoor Education students had the thrill of attending a day of snorkelling with seals and marine life out from Queenscliff. While the weather was quite cool, all students had a great time creating fun with one another. The Year 8s celebrated their end of year by nominating a desired excursion event as a homegroup. This has seen our students have fun at Luna Park, Bounce Inc., ice skating and laser tag and tenpin bowling – along with some important shopping time and food court action at Melbourne Central.

  • The Year 9s have experienced a rapid finish to their time at Bayview. The cohort celebrated their final day of classes with a Graduation BBQ, before returning to complete their second set of exams for the year. This was then finished off with a year level excursion to Docklands where they enjoyed ice skating, unlimited arcade action and tenpin bowling.

All year levels have also participated in their relevant ‘Step-Up Day’ and ‘Headstart’ program. This is where students spend time exploring some of their subjects and programs for the following year, as well as getting to know new classmates and teachers.

I hope all families have a great summer break and come back looking forward to a promising 2023.

Tyson Hartwig | Student Engagement and Wellbeing Leader, Bayview Campus

Student and Wellbeing Pasco Report

It has been great to have a full year of on-site schooling with students embracing the various extra and co-curricular opportunities and making up for lost face-to-face time together.

The Year 12 students are feeling more relaxed now their final exams and outcomes are completed. They enjoyed their Formal at Marvel Stadium taking the opportunity to connect once more as a cohort in their glamorous attire. Year 12 Graduation at the Williamstown Town Hall will be our final farewell and opportunity to celebrate their successes collectively. We wish them all the very best for their futures, and, with the resilience they have displayed over the past few years, we are proud of their fortitude and the young adults they have become.

Year 10 and 11 students have been very much focusing on their futures with the opportunity to experience their 2023 subjects during the Headstart program, and to also begin preparing for their year ahead. Our whole school end-of-year celebration assembly at the Williamstown Town Hall was a wonderful opportunity to recognise and celebrate achievements from the cohort. Our award recipients were:

Student Name


Will Taylor

The Parents and Friends Association Award

Isabel Clarkson

The Parents and Friends Association Award

Romeo Butcher Feary

The Parents and Friends Association Award

Lily Cummings

The Parents and Friends Association Award

Jake Greenham

The Parents and Friends Association Award

Katie Hogan

The Parents and Friends Association Award

Sienna Broekman

Ex-Students Association Scholarship

Lili Ngo

Ex-Students Association Scholarship

Jack Reynolds

Ex-Students Association Scholarship

Sarah Gowty

Ex-Students Association Scholarship

Indy Readsmith

The Australian Defence Force Long Tan Award

Imogen McFerran

The Australian Defence Force Future Innovators Award

Avina Hoang

Kwong Lee Dow

Josh Gordon

Significant Achievement Sport Award

Year 9 (now Year 10) students were busy getting to know their way around the Pasco Campus as well as their teachers and key staff. We look forward to welcoming them back to our campus after the holidays and we wish them, as well as all our students, a restful and safe break.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Student Engagement and Wellbeing Team for their endless support of our students. This includes the Student Management Leaders, Martyn van Reyk, Angus Rodda, Ian Hume, Brianna Murray, David Urwin and Melissa English, as well as the Student Welfare Coordinator Ann Goller and our Mental Health Practitioner, Erin Immel. I would also like to thank VCAL Coordinator Liam Keating and Pathways and Transition Leader Anna Bovdis for their unwavering assistance and support of students as well. We wish all our families and students a relaxing and enjoyable break.

Sarina Meusburger

Student Engagement and Wellbeing Leader

Learning Specialist Report

The Student Engagement and Wellbeing Team will have a new structure for next year, with a leading teacher at each year level from Year 7 to 12. This team will be responsible for overseeing and reviewing our Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum for 2023. Two key programs that drive our work are SWPBS and Respectful Relationships.

What is SWPBS?

The goal of School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) at Williamstown High is to create and maintain a positive and safe learning environment that enhances our school culture where we maximise individual academic and social growth.

What Does SWPBS Look Like at Williamstown High School

  1. Clear set of behaviour expectations are developed around our key school values (as defined in our matrix).

  2. You can identify the behavioural expectations within five minutes of entering the school.

  3. Students are able to state the behavioural expectations.

  4. Students are recognised for positive behaviours.

  5. Positive expectations and behaviours are explicitly taught and encouraged.

  6. Data is collected and used for decision making.

  7. It is a team-based approach.

  8. Families are actively included.

What Are the Levels of School Wide Support

To ensure that students at Williamstown High School receive what they need to be successful we use the continuum of support which is described below:

Why Do We Explicitly Teach Our Expected Behaviours?

Introducing, modelling and reinforcing positive social behaviour is an important step of a student’s educational experience. Explicitly teaching our behavioural expectations and acknowledging students for demonstrating them is key to our success.

  • They are necessary skills for success in life.

  • Many students arrive at school without these important skills.

  • They are the basis for a positive and safe climate.

  • Doing so increases opportunities to teach other skills.

How Do We Teach Social Behaviours?

Tell – Introduce the expected behaviours and discuss why it is important

Show – Demonstrate and model

Practise – Role play expected behaviours in the relevant contexts

Monitor – Pre-correct, supervise and provide positive feedback

Reteach – Practise throughout the day

The other important initiative that our Student Engagement and Wellbeing Team oversees is Respectful Relationships.

What Is Respectful Relationships?

The Respectful Relationships initiative teaches our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence. It also supports school leaders, educators and our school communities to promote and model respect and equality.

What Does Respectful Relationships Look Like at Williamstown High?

At Williamstown High School the Respectful Relationships initiative was introduced in 2018 and we were identified as a lead school in 2020. As a lead school we model whole-school practice, as well as lead, mentor and support a cluster of partner schools by providing best-practice advice on the implementation strategies alongside modelling respect, equality and inclusivity.

In the Classroom

Respectful Relationships are taught through the Health and homegroup curriculum. The supporting teaching and learning resources are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum. The aim of the activities taught is to help students learn and practise social skills that lead to students applying them in a positive way to learning, life and relationships.

The Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships resources cover eight topics for each year level:

Topic 1: Emotional Literacy

Topic 2: Personal Strengths

Topic 3: Positive Coping

Topic 4: Problem Solving

Topic 5: Stress Management

Topic 6: Help-Seeking

Topic 7: Gender and Identity

Topic 8: Positive Gender Relations

Developing a Partnership With Minus18

Williamstown High School will be working with Minus18 to provide workshops and training within the school community. Minus18 is an organisation that focuses on social inclusion, education and advocacy, and youth empowerment.

More information regarding Minus 18 can be found at:

Liam Keating

SWPBS & RRRRs Leader

Learning Specialists

In this final term of the year we wrapped up our Semester 2 Professional Learning Team focus. To start off this term we had a focus on differentiation for our students with ASD, ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder. This included a presentation from our Inclusive Education Learning Specialist Melinda McKeegan and our AEN Coordinator Kerri Wangeman.

In our Professional Learning Teams we examined how we include immersive activities to engage our students in our subject areas as well as setting up our lessons with very clear statements of intentions and/or success criteria, thus enabling our students to be more focused on their learning in the classroom.

One of our focus areas this term is continuing the work on Growth Mindset with our students. Our students continue to complete SMART Learning goals and we have had a particular focus with Year 7s this year to make sure they are useful and students are self regulated in their own learning, as well as to increase students’ belief in themselves as learners. Students have been developing a portfolio of examples of growth and success in their subjects.

We would like to thank our staff and students for their fantastic work this year, which has been our first consistent one at school for the last few years. We would also like to thank the parents and guardians for their never-ending support. We all hope that you enjoy the rest of this term and have a very restful break over holidays.

Matt Grose, Bonnie Wong and Isabella O’Malley

Teaching and Learning Specialists

Literacy Report

It has been an incredibly busy end to the school year with all Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students completing their standardised Progressive Achievement Tests in Reading and Maths. Well done to all students who put their full effort into these important tests.

The purpose of these two tests are for the school to gather important information on our students’ literacy and numeracy skills. This information provides a breakdown of key skills that each student can demonstrate, and those they need help with. Completing these tests at the close of the academic year allows 2023 teachers to better understand the learning needs for their new students as well as allowing the school to respond to literacy and numeracy trends for the new year.

On a different note, the summer holiday break is a wonderful opportunity to relax, wind down and enjoy the company of friends and family. It is also a fantastic time for our students to get a head start on reading their texts for the new year. All English classes have at least one novel listed for the new year, alongside additional, in-class texts they will read across the year.

Set texts that students should be reading over the summer break are:

  • For Year 7 the class text is The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon, while the 7 SEALP group will read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

  • The Year 8 students will enjoy Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games and the 8 SEALP class will read To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

  • Year 9 students will study the classic Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. The Year 9 SEALP students will study Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishaguro.

  • In Year 10 the class texts are Catching Teller Crow co-authored by Ambelin Kwaymullina and Ezekiel Kwaymullina and The Thing Around Your Neck by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The English Progress class reads Where the Shoreline Used to Be, which is a collection of Australian short stories and poems. The Year 10 SEALP study Nineteen Eighty-Four and I For Isobel.

  • At Year 11, the students study the novels Nine Days by Toni Jordan and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

  • The Year 12 class texts are Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham, Flames by Robbie Arnott and Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel.

It is important that students have a chance to immerse themselves in the experience of reading these texts in preparation for their English classes in 2022. Reading the text is the work that must happen at home so that the class can spend time studying the characters, plot, themes and author’s craft during classes.

I wish everyone an enjoyable end to 2022 and a rejuvenating and exciting summer break so that we can return ready for an exciting new academic year.

Bayview English Report



Sustained writing. Meaningful writing. In-depth writing. Analytical writing. Persuasive writing. Creative Writing. Handwriting. So. Much. Writing.

After two years of the shift between online and face-to-face classes, 2022 was always going to be a year in which we identified gaps in knowledge and skills. For English one of the most significant effects of the pandemic was on writing, both in terms of physical ability and depth and detail.

We began the year with a commitment to physical writing, getting our students used to holding a pen and locating their thinking while putting that pen to paper. For our Year 9 students the year ended with a focus on sustained writing in their exams, as we began the journey towards those final exams in Year 12.

Well done to all our students and the approximately one thousand hand cramps as hands got used to pens again instead of keyboards. And a huge thank you to the English teachers for their unsung heroic gifts of deciphering even the most challenging of handwriting.

Callie Martin

Head of Bayview English

Bayview Technology Report

It has been a busy and exciting semester for the Technology curriculum area. The Art and Technology exhibition ran in Weeks 4 and 5 of Term 4, where the high calibre of student work was on display. A variety of products were designed, created and displayed from each Technology area including screen printed tote bags from Textiles and lolly dispensers produced from wood and mixed materials. Food Tech (including Iron Chef and Holdfast Café) exhibited photographs of the restaurant quality food they had made and plated. Horticulture displayed images of their garden designs and landscapes produced, including pergolas and decks. Multi Technologies Photography produced a calendar comprised of their images manipulated using a variety of techniques. STEAM Synergy and ICT and Robotics displayed different elements of their programs including Lego Mindstorms.

In addition to the wonderful designs and products made during class time, lunchtime activities were also run in a range of technology areas. The STEM captains, Olivia Turner and Tom Williams, organised a STEM Sphero chariot challenge in Term 4. In small teams, students designed and built a chariot that a sphero robot could carry through a maze. They used block code to program their sphero to roll through the course. Alexander Trigger and Miles Hasket of 7B won the prize for the chariot design. Matthew Medved, Callum Heath and Eli Culha (Years 7 and 8) won the coding prize. Overall, an impressive display of STEM skills.

Pasco Technology Report

Yet another jam-packed semester that flew by for all staff and students.

Year 12:

Food Studies, Product Design & Technology (PDT) and Applied Computing students completed course work, SACs, and exam preparation for their end-of-year exams. PDT and Applied Computing students worked enthusiastically to complete their SAT folios and products or app/data analysis projects.

Year 11:

Applied Computing, Food Studies, Product Design and Technology (textiles and wood) students have been equally as busy with learning the subject specific coursework and completing SACs.

Students continued to enjoy the practical application each subject area offers. They have taken part in cooking, sewing, programming, and woodwork. We are very proud of all the wonderful project-based tasks that have been created by our Technology students this semester.

Year 10:

In the Food Technology room, the students completed units on safety and hygiene, with the Make a Meal classes also learning about nutrition, meal planning, modifying recipes to improve their nutritional quality, and the design process. The Food Styling students explored styling and decorating techniques, the design process, food trends, unconventional ingredients, and high tea creations.

In the Wood Technology room, Product Design students completed a safety course, then launched into their folio and production of their personalised clocks, whilst exploring the design process.

In the Mac Computer Lab, Game Development students were engaged in planning, designing, and producing their original game using Game Maker Studio; and Web Design and Infographics students collected data and presented it in original websites they designed and developed using Adobe Dreamweaver.

In the Textiles room, Fashion Design students explored the art of Fashion Illustration and developed folios based on garments they had drawn.

After exams, our students completed Headstart. Technology teachers welcomed our 2023 VCE and Year 10 students to give them a ‘taste’ of the year to come.

We are proud of all the wonderful work that has been achieved by our Technology students this year! The Technology staff would like to take the opportunity to wish the current Year 12s all the very best with their results and future endeavours.

Stay safe everyone and have a well-deserved break!

Erene Karabourniotis (Technology CAT Leader, Later Years)

Bayview Drama and Visual Art Report


By Jesse Sheahan

The end of another school year has seen another 150 students across Year 7, 8 and 9 conclude a semester of learning in the Drama classroom. Being back on campus full time has resulted in the first complete school year of in-person teaching and learning since the lockdowns, and students have been relishing the opportunity to collaborate with their peers once again.

In addition to the completion of classroom curriculum, the past month has seen the co-curricular event of 2023 get underway with audition nights for FAME the Musical taking place at both the Bayview and Pasco campuses. Following on from the success of Chicago, it was pleasing to see so many students sign up for auditions to be a part of the next school production. Students should be incredibly proud of their efforts in the dancing, singing and acting components of auditions, as the standard was high across the board. Thank you to everyone for taking part. The Performing Arts teachers can’t wait to begin the rehearsal process for another amazing show in 2023.

Visual Arts

It’s been a very busy Term 4 with the Art & Technology Exhibition at Bayview, held over two weeks in October. It was highly successful with many students enjoying the display and parents coming through after school to see the work. Lots of positive feedback from parents, students and staff. This year’s theme was Hearts and What Matters. The Atrium was filled with lots of colour and vibrant creations, from large sculptural pieces to a Great Barrier Reef installation, Van Gogh inspired paintings, paper mache hearts, photography designed packages and student films. Just a fraction of what was produced was on display, including work from the Technology subjects.

Continuing from previous years are our Visual Art Awards for Excellence. The following students received a $15 award to spend at Atelier Arts Supplies in Williamstown for their outstanding achievements and for creative growth in a Visual Arts subject.

Year 8 Visual Art Awards:

Tobias-Virgil Leonard 8F, Hayden Galea 8E, Xavier Cilia 8F, Vicky Lin 8B, Felix Neal 8D, Ella Bloxham 8D, Thom Woodford 8B, Linden Woods 8K, Ari Estall 8A, Soley Valbergsdottir 8J.

Lucy McConnell 8A, Malea Peda 8G, Max Merritt 8G, Charli Vogel 8E, Ollie Gentry 8E.

Matisse Rossow 8C, Bailey Alman 8C.

Year 7 Visual Art Awards:

Tyler Smith 7F, Hayden Tippett, Violet Elbourne, Jaia Dang 7C, Chloe Haugh 7H Matthew Jones 7H, Will Hart 7G, Sienna Asher 7G, Aidan Lala 7E.

Willow Montgomery 7E, Keala Smith 7A, Jack Watson 7A, Eva Mifsud 7B.

Avison Hoang 7B, Isobel Heddles 7L, Felix Wood 7L, Gypsy Roberts 7D, Daniel Kettle 7D.

Ella Regan 7K, Milos Sajnovic 7K, Alyssa McPheat 7J, Joshua Longshaw 7J.

Year 9 Visual Art Awards:

Photography iPhone /iPad:

Liam Waters, Ellen Barker.


Maisy Lipnicki, Archie Bentley, Maddi Kiff, Anthony Bigolin.

Visual Communication & Design:

Lydian Borland 9G, Vince Mandado 9H, Ella Draper 9E, Ella Doyle 9K.

Visual Art:

Han Nguyen, Ezra Hope.

Thank you to the Arts Captains Anna Cooke and Chloe Wilson of Year 9, who have done an amazing job all year with their commitment to keeping the Arts active at the Bayview Campus. I look forward to working with the Visual Arts Captains for 2023.

Thank you to all the Performing and Visual Arts staff at both the senior and middle years campus. We always support and keep the focus on the Performing, Visual Arts, Visual Communication, Design, Dance and Media, as these subjects are important to many pathways as a career or later life choice. So many senior students have told us they were glad they kept an Arts subject in their choices to give them a great depth of options at the end of Year 12.

Helen Bacon | Arts CAT Leader

Pasco Arts

The Arts have wrapped up 2022 in a typically active way. A variety of different music performances as well as exhibitions have given students the opportunity to showcase the work they have been doing this semester in the various Arts subjects.

The Graduate Art and Design Show at the Substation in October featured work from our Year 12 Studio Art and VCD students. The exhibition was spectacularly curated by staff. The opening night featured musical performances and awards by Deans Art, presented to Scarlet Rabbidge for Studio Art and Ben Trickey for VCD. The People’s Choice Award went to Antonietta Gentile. This year's Art Acquisition Award, where the school purchases pieces of art from graduating students, was split. The two recipients are Mags Sketcher ‘Self’ and Lena Pedersen ‘Living Through Death’. These pieces will be hung in the school in the new year.

The 16th Annual Film and Print Festival was also held in October at the Sun Theatre. The work of Year 11 and 12 Media students was shown and judged by industry professionals. The awards went to:

Best Print
Mags Sketcher

Best Photography
Lily Kynion

Best Picture
‘Going Home’ by Han Nhi Ngo

Best Director
‘Interior’ by Lewis Roche

Best Cinematography
‘Specimen 3016’ by Ruby Norman

Best Sound
‘Interior’ by Lewis Roche

Best Editing
‘Going Home’ by Han Nhi Ngo

Best Screenwriting
‘Going Home’ by Han Nhi Ngo

Best Actor
Kayla Hockley - Liar

The People’s Choice Award also went to Han Nhi Ngo for her poignant and insightful piece on identity.

We also launched our next international trip with 17 Year 12 Arts students signing up to travel to New York next June. The students will be undertaking a bespoke program of workshops that will help them with their VCE studies but also serve as a cultural immersion in one of the world's art capitals.

Music Report

Bayview Stage Band

On November 16, the Bayview Combined Band and Bayview Stage Band performed in Soul City for a very appreciative audience. All of the Year 5 and 6s from Williamstown Primary School were treated to a selection of tunes including movie themes and pop songs, and special instrument demonstrations by our students.


On the evening of December 8, our Atrium filled with the wonderful sound of our students singing solo, in duets, and with the vocal ensembles. Our Vocal Night provides the opportunity for these students to shine. We really do have some incredible singers at Willi High! Huge thanks to our voice teacher, Kathy Hinch, for a great evening, and Sean Connolly for supporting the guitar accompanists.

Summer Picnic Concert

Our annual Summer Picnic Concert, usually held at the band rotunda in Commonwealth Reserve, was moved to the warm and dry Centenary Theatre due to poor weather. Our concert bands and stage bands performed beautifully, presenting new pieces that they have learnt this term. It was wonderful for all of our senior students to return for the event, including Year 12s!

Victorian State Schools Spectacular

TV Broadcast of the 2022 Victorian State Schools Spectacular

Save the date! Tune in at 7pm on Saturday 17 December on Channel 7 to watch a special broadcast of the Victorian State Schools Spectacular 2022, featuring our very own Amelia McConnell (Year 12), Excelsior Madden (Year 10) and James Priday (Year 10).

Special behind the scenes footage, highlights and stellar performances from our students will be aired and available to live stream nationally on 7plus for 30 days.

Well done to these students for their efforts and representing the performing arts at WHS on the national stage.

Pasco Hape Report

The HAPE department has enjoyed a busy semester with Outdoor Education camps to the snow, Otways and Grampians in addition to excursions for sailing, the gym (for boxing classes), Urban Surf and the Year 11 HHD virtual babies being adopted into families.

Currently, Year 12s studying Physical Education, Outdoor Education and Health and Human Development are preparing for their final exams (most to be completed by the publication of this issue) and the Year 10 and 11 students are busy completing final assessment tasks before starting their exam revision.

Please read on for a report from Year 10 students on their experience of Health this semester:

As we are coming to the end of this semester in Health, we have gained a better understanding of the five dimensions of health and wellbeing (which include physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual); and learning how Australia’s health system works. We have learnt a lot of information that may help us in our daily lives. This health class is so helpful to everyone even if they aren’t considering taking it as a VCE for the future. Sometimes we did a variety of fun activities that engaged students in our class. Students are also asked to contribute to what we want to do in class to engage more students.

Mariam Hassan & Chantel Simon

Bayview Humanities

This term in Humanities students have stepped into the always relevant and evolving world of Geography. In Years 7 and 8, students have been embracing the joys of outdoor learning and prioritising collaboration amongst peers. These students have been completing fieldwork which sees them going out into the community and reflecting on the intersection of humans and nature.

The Year 7s took part in an exciting excursion that saw them exploring Melbourne to determine which suburb is more liveable: Footscray or Docklands. Prior to going, many students' hypothesis was that the modern Docklands would be the easy winner. These predictions were soon shattered as they roamed the eerily empty streets of Docklands in comparison to the always bustling and diverse Footscray.

The Year 8s have also been busy completing fieldwork investigations closer to home. They have taken advantage of the school’s magical surroundings while working together to analyse the coast of Williamstown. Regular trips downus to the Jawbone and Williamstown Beach kept students intrigued as they learnt how landscapes and landforms have changed over time and the impacts humans have on the area.

In Year 9, students have been studying either food security and biomes or Australian politics. Surprisingly for many students, learning about food security has been confronting as we looked at the impact that climate change can have on our future, and recognise the abundance of Australia’s food sources. In Politics, students have embraced the federal and state elections by creating their own political parties. Most parities were thought provoking and inspiring - well some were classic Year 9 and just hilarious.

Wishing all our Humanities students a happy holidays and best of luck for 2023!

Hannah Erasmus

Humanities CAT Leader Bayview Camp

Humanities students completing fieldwork in Footscray and Williamstown.

Parents and Friends Association Report

Anna Bovdis - Careers, Pathways and Transition Leader at the Pasco Campus was the Guest Speaker at the most recent PFA meeting. Anna gave a comprehensive overview of Career education within the Homegroup curriculum for all year levels, and also talked through the changes that have taken place with the Senior Secondary Reform and the new VCE VM (Vocational Major).

During the year the PFA donated $4500 for aquarium upgrades in the Marine Science room, which will take place over the summer holidays. We look forward to seeing the end result when school resumes in 2023.

The PFA is also funding the 2023 student leaders from both campuses to attend a leadership conference in Term 1 next year. The student leaders attending will give a presentation to the wider student leadership team upon their return, sharing the strategies and insights gained at the conference.

Every year the PFA fund awards for 2 students from every year level that are presented at the Year 7-11 end-of-year assembly and Year 12 Graduation. Each of the award recipients receives a certificate and a $100 voucher in recognition of their long-term demonstration of Williamstown High School’s positive behaviour expectations.

Thanks to all families who supported the PFA during 2022. We look forward to meeting more families in 2023.

Grade 6 Transition

On Monday 12 December our future families had the opportunity to visit the school for a presentation on the transition to high school.

On Tuesday we welcomed the Year 6s themselves to Williamstown High School. Our day started with students meeting their homegroup teachers, building new relationships, playing games, navigating the school, before an amazing music performance by our instrumental music band.

If you have any questions/queries in regards the instrumental music program or music, please send an email to:

Our Sports Coordinator also spoke to students about all of their Accelerated Sports and Interschool Sports options for 2023. If you have any particular questions in regards to the Sports Program our coordinator would also love to hear from you:

We thank the senior band students, supported by their music teachers, for coming back to school to inspire our future Year 7 students. We would also like to thank our amazing Year 7 Ambassadors that supported our new students.

We look forward to the beginning of 2023 and supporting our new community members.

Transition Day Team: Rachel Roberts, Nicholas Madden and Isabella O’Malley

( Welcome notice by Khushman Lambra 7G)
(Music Department Celebration Performance by Senior Pasco students)

Careers, Pathways and Transitions Report

And just like that the 2022 school year is nearly over. Through the many challenges imposed by lockdowns in previous years we were fortunate to experience a full year at school this year. Getting to this point in Term 4 was no easy feat but we have all made it! This is cause for celebration. Well done students and teachers.

Year 12 graduates are about to receive their VCE results. It is a unique end to the year with VCE results being released on Monday 12 December at 7:00am. The Class of 2022 have certainly been challenged by their education during a pandemic. All Year 12 graduates should be very proud of their achievement during what can only be described as a tumultuous few years. Year 12 VTAC applicants (all 176 students) will be able to reconsider their VTAC preferences until 4:00pm on Wednesday 14 December.

Year 12 families and students have received VTAC support material and information in the final Careers Newsletter, Edition 10. Each year Williamstown High School offers VTAC counselling and change of preference support, which will be offered between Monday 12 December and Wednesday 14 December. Tertiary offers will be released on Wednesday 21 December this year. Congratulations to the Class of 2022 on their incredible success during a pandemic whilst in their final 3 years at the senior campus. They are to be commended for their fortitude and resilience.

Deakin University Young Influencer Award

Abby Eastwood was the successful recipient of the Deakin University Young Influencer Award. The university has rewarded Abby’s efforts and achievements with a $5000 scholarship to support her first year of study at Deakin in 2024 if she chooses to study at Deakin University. This award was presented to Abby at the Whole School Assembly on Wednesday 30 November. Abby’s outstanding contribution at school and the community was recognised by Deakin University. Many of her values aligned with those of Deakin University. Congratulations Abby!

Year 10 Work Experience 2022

The 2023 Year 10 Work Experience Program was launched at the Bayview Campus this term with two homegroup curriculum lessons devoted to introducing our Year 9 students to the world of work experience. Ms Liz Lorenc, as the careers coordinator, launched this significant program that incorporated how to research a work experience placement and how to best prepare for work experience. During their Year 10 Headstart at the Pasco Campus, students were presented with a talk covering how to research and secure a potential work experience place over the break. In 2023, Work Experience will run in Week 8 of Term 1, from Monday 20 March to Friday 24 March.

A Work Experience database of employers from the 2022 Year 10 students’ work experience placements was presented and sits on the schools’ careers website for students to access and gain ideas and contacts (see and Workplace Learning > Work Experience > Year 10 Work Experience 2023). Planning in advance for this program is crucial and Year 10 Headstart students were asked to investigate work experience placements over the break. The deadline for all work experience arrangements and forms is Wednesday 1 March. After this date all students’ forms will be processed, and students will receive their copies of forms and work experience packs one week prior to attending work experience. During the week leading up to the work experience, teachers are also assigned to each student to check in with the employer and the student.

The University of Melbourne Principals Scholarship

The University of Melbourne Principals Scholarship is offered to Victorian Year 12 students in recognition of their academic achievement and contribution to their school or wider community. This year there were many outstanding applicants. To select only one candidate was difficult when many possess outstanding achievements. An exhaustive selection process took place by a panel of teachers that ranked applicants and then presented these to the principal. All applicants should be proud of their achievements and contributions to the wider community. The Year 12 student who was nominated by the principal was Sofia Bikicki. Congratulations on an outstanding year of academia and your wider community involvement, Sofia!

The University of Melbourne Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Award

Each year the University of Melbourne offers Year 10 students an opportunity to apply for the prestigious Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program. The Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program is an academic enrichment program designed to support high-achieving Victorian school students. This selection process was highly competitive. Well done to all applicants. They had to be in the academic top five percent of the Year 10 cohort and to have demonstrated their leadership potential or shown evidence of leadership, active citizenship and community involvement. The University of Melbourne has awarded Avina Hoang the 2022 Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholar award.

Congratulations, Avina!

Victoria University Guaranteed Ignite Scholarships

At the time of writing this report, the final recipients of the VU Guaranteed scholarships were not yet announced; however, we congratulate all students who applied for the program. Successful Year 12 students have received a guaranteed place at Victoria University or Victoria Polytechnic, five aggregate ATAR bonus points and tailored course advice. Year 12 students in 2023 will also be encouraged to apply for VU Guaranteed if they have not done so whilst in Year 11. VU Guaranteed is open to all Year 11 and 12 students each year.

Anna Bovdis Liz Lorenc

Pathways & Transitions Leader Careers Co-ordinator

Pasco Campus Bayview Campus

Williamstown High School W-Files Issue 8, 2022 - 19 Dec 2022