Our radio station, Waves of Willi is run by our students for our students. We broadcast a range of podcasts, music shows, current affairs programs, community debates, guest speakers, coverage of community events and radio drama. Our station caters for the various tastes of our student body and provides wonderful links with Williamstown High School and the wider community.

Our recent podcasts are available to view here:

Episode One – Endgame
Episode Two – Teatime
Episode Three – LGBTQI
Episode Four – 4 Peas in a Pod – Part 1
Episode Five – 4 Peas in a Pod – Part Two
Episode Six – 4 Peas in a Pod – Part Three Featuring Mr Catalano
Episode Seven – 4 Peas in a Pod – Final
Episode Eight – 4 Peas in a Pod – Hours
Episode Nine – Teachers The Story Part One
Episode Ten – Teachers The Story Part Two
Episode Eleven – Teachers The Story Part Three