2022 Alumni Mentors Program


Extended Williamstown High School Library Hours (Pasco Campus)

Commences Week 6 – Monday, 7th March

We are pleased to continue with the Alumni Mentors Program in 2022, to give students in Years 10 -12 the opportunity to complete work at school beyond the normal school day. With the support of four Alumni Mentors, students will have access to the library facilities and assistance should they require help with their studies after school each Monday and Wednesday.

The four Mentors who are high achieving, recently graduated Williamstown High School students will be available to assist students in the Pasco Library from 3.30 – 5.30 pm on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Melinda McKeegan (Inclusive Education Learning Specialist) will supervise on Monday afternoons and Carly Terrens will be our Lead Mentor on Wednesday afternoons.

This program is for our students to establish a routine to complete their coursework, study and revision in a distraction-free environment that also supports collaborative learning. An additional goal of this program is for students to develop effective homework and time management skills, assisting with their mental health and therefore giving them more time for active and/or creative pursuits once their homework/study has been done.

Library study